NationalParksNational Parks are fantastic resources for travel lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and families seeking an adventure. That’s exactly why we talked all about visiting National Parks and appreciating nature at our April 23 Monday Night Twitter Party. We talked about the parks closest to our homes and the ones that we dream about visiting someday. Our tweeters also shared their tips for teaching kids about nature, preserving National Parks and their favorite natural snacks perfect for taking along to the park.

What’s the nearest National Park to you? How often to do you visit?

@TamaraBenningto: Love going to the Perdido Key National Park at least once a week.

 @sweetmatcha: Not often enough! Poconos is nearby.

@chickadeeprints: Zion National Park, UT…Beautiful!!!

@DebMomOf3: Sleeping Bear Dunes near Traverse City, MI. Haven’t been there in years but it’s such a beautiful area!

 @ConnieFoggles: De Soto National Memorial Park and sadly I’ve never been there 🙁 Will change that soon

How do you connect your kids with nature? Is it a part of your travel?

@rkosully: We always try to visit outdoorsy places and love to go hiking.

@GeekDad248: We go camping in a tent not a rv

@praisetruth: We take nature walks. We live 20 min. from Red River Gorge. They are such beautiful mountains. We love it!

@christielomb: We love to hike in the woods and find different rocks and trees. We always have a great time.

 @marilola33: We love camping, hiking , eating local food

Which National Park do you most want to visit? Why?

@TamaraBenningto: Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park in TN would be a great adventure for the kids

@judy511: Denali um – Alaska! 

 @marilola33: Yosemite cause of the giant sequoia groves.

@GeekDad248: Yellowstone – i want see geysers and buffalo.

@KidProjectOrg: I want to visit Glacier National Park…cause I just do!

 @maryheston: We have only missed N.Dakota/Maine/Virgin Islands – still need to see the Natl Parks there.

What are your favorite natural snacks?

@GratefulHoops: Love homemade trail mix and dried fruit.

@praisetruth:I love fruit all by itself. Any kind, oranges, apples and watermelon are the top ones!

@jmcarollo: Granola bars!!! You can never go wrong with granola bars!

@ConnieFoggles: Grapes, carrot sticks, cashews and peanuts. All time favorite dried fruit.

@CarissaRogers: I’m all about crunchy and dark chocolate lately, Pretzels anyone? covered in Dark chocolate?

What can/do you do to help preserve our National Parks?

@GeekDad248: There is a National Parks Foundation that accepts donations.

@christielomb: I think that the most important thing is to go often to the parks and use them as much as possible!

@ConnieFoggles: Follow rules for traffic, fires and where to drive

@DebMomOf3: Teach kids to respect and preserve them so next generation will have national parks to enjoy!

@maryheston: Most Parks have a society you can join – we have rotated: Most recently joined the Yellowstone society

How do you teach your kids about the wonders of nature?

@christielomb: They learn just by being outside, they can’t play video games, they start paying attention to nature!

@BeckyAdventure: Discover Nature with them!

@GeekDad248: We have annual membership to zoo and go often.

@WorldTravelMom: Show it to them in real life!

 @KCEdventures: Our kids love to keep journals about what they see when we’re on ‘nature’ vacations – pics, notes and drawings.

Photo credit: Glacier National Park by Bill Bouton