family picnicBeaches and theme parks may be on your list for summer fun, but mountain vacations are a great alternative. We chatted all about opting for a summer break at a ski resort and what we’re doing to beat the heat.Our moms (and dads) shared what makes Park City the perfect summer getaway, if we’ve started planning our next ski trip and what we do at these winter destinations during the off season.

What makes Park City a great family destination in summer?

?@dreamfishing: Cooler temps!!

?@kimorlando: So much to do other than skiing, @LuxuryTravelMom did the Flying Eagle Zip Line on her recent trip:


@familytravel4um: Fresh air, mountains, renewal.

?@takingthekids: Love Mt Coaster @ParkCityMtResort and all the other fun stuff!

?@swtthing3: Many hiking trails, biking trails and wildflowers everywhere!

How do you cool off in the summer?

?@MOM4EVEREVER: Water balloon fights- water wars.

?@tiffany053p: Eating cold watermelon and taking a dip in the pool!

?@marilola33: Lot of water , water, water and water.

?@DebMomOf3: Kids love to swim in neighbor’s pool, or we head to Lake MI beaches. Don’t have 3 kids, have 3 little fish instead, lol!

If you could do any activity in the summer with your kids, what would it be?

@DebMomOf3: Would love to take kids camping one of these summers, just have to convince hubby.

@takingthekids: Wild love to explore a place we’ve never been together

@1CrazyMomma: Camp somewhere in the mountains where it’s not so hot

@familytrips: Mountain bike, downhill is unreal.

What activities do you love at mountain ski resorts in summer?

@takingthekids: Love free outdoor concerts in ski towns in summer!

?@AndreaGuthmann: Hiking and camping sound pretty sweet to this scenery starved city girl.

?@MOM4EVEREVER: We actually like swimming, birding, fishing, and anything fun.

@momvacations: bird watching, we bring binoculars for kids.

Have you traveled to the mountains in the summer?

?@allierose: Yes – white mountain Rockies.

?@AndreaGuthmann: Had the pleasure of camping in the Rocky Mountains one summer. Beautiful!

?@dreamfishing: Yes…to Pikes Peak.

@SeptemberAcres: Love the mountains in the summer. Try to go to #PCSKI once or twice.

@1CrazyMomma: I’ve through the mountains by car but never stopped to enjoy it. Always on the way to something.

Have you planned your ski trip for next season?

@DebMomOf3: Nope, haven’t skied since I was a kid and haven’t done a ski trip since then. Am not huge fan of the cold anyway.

@KristenSkiMom: Booked it within a month of leaving. Just watching for airfare sale

@1CrazyMomma:I would love to plan a ski vacation but too hard with 7 kids right now.

@SeptemberAcres: Always come in March. Fit in other time if possible

@AndreaGuthmann: Heck no. Still figuring out this summer’s plans! But I know we’ll go skiing again somehow. Had great time skiing @PCSki this year.