passport1In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we dedicated our April 30 Monday Night Twitter Party to Mexican and international travel. Whether it’s the beautiful art work, the flavorful food or the delicious drinks, everybody loves something about the Mexican culture.We shared how we’ll celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year and which part of Mexico we want to visit most. Our tweeters also gave fantastic tips for introducing children to a new culture and their best and worst part of traveling internationally.

How will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

@mom4everandever: Party at home- kids are making piñatas.

@tiffany053p: By cooking a great meal with family and friends!


@judy511: ‘Ritas. without kids.

 @marilola33: With all of my mexican friends in San Diego

@jmcarollo:Taco night!

@wolfhound89: At El Paseo in Keller, Texas.

Sounds like it’s going to be a fun holiday!

What part of Mexico do you want to visit the most?

@judy511: Chichen Itza, near Cancun –too hot last time 

 @marilola33: I would like to go to La Paz cause it’s so beautiful

@mellanhead: Anywhere with a beach.

@christielomb: I have always wanted to go to Puerto Vallarta. I have heard that it is one of the best places in Mexico.

@maryheston: It would be super fun to climb some Mayan ruins.

What’s your favorite Mexican thing (art, food, place)?

@allierose: I love artwork and furniture designs!

@CiaoMom: The fresh guacamole and delicious margaritas.

@judy511: The beaches 

@sweetmatcha: I love burritos!

@mom4everandever: The people- the people help create experiences and memories.

@marilola33: My fav Mexican thing…Ah Mexican drinks like margaritas and tequila sunrise.

What’s the best and worst thing about traveling with kids internationally?

@judy511: Worst: long flight

@WorldTravelMom: Jet lag. No doubt.

But there’s a lot to love about international travel with kids as well…

@4ZsRWE: You mean besides boarding the plane first…being able to explore the most obvious things through naive eyes!

@mom4everandever: Best thing is some of mine want to really try the foods- you know- bugs, innerds.

@kimorlando: I love to take public transportation.

@CindyRichards: Seeing new cultures through kids eyes. Love when thy go back to school and learn something better because saw it in real life.

What do you like about all inclusive resorts?

@Lupita_GarzaG: Awesome food and drinks, stress-free environment.

@ConnieFoggles: Knowing the price of your trip almost to the dollar- family events and food included.

@WorldTravelMom: The drinks! 

@poshbrood: No sticker shock at check out!! 

@thegeekwife: Not having to leave the resort. All the fun in one place

How do you introduce your kids to new cultures?

@jmcarollo: Since my lil one is young we start by introducing her to different food!

@4ZsRWE: Before we go we google the spot. We see what is most popular there and talk about what we want to see when there and why.

@TamaraBenningto: I like to prepare a meal for another country once a month everything from the drinks on

@LuxuryTravelMom: Travel and by having international au pairs.

@sweetmatcha: Just have them meet and talk with the people, explore the culture, eat different tasting things.