packing for vacation Last-minute travel can either sound like a spontaneous adventure or like an unorganized, hectic nightmare. We devoted our March 29 Monday Night Twitter Party to talking about the highs and lows of last-minute travel. Discounted rates, a new experience, and visiting family are just a few of the reasons our moms love last-minute travel. We also shared how we pack differently, what we look for in a last-minute trip, and if it’s actually possible to do a spontaneous vacation with children.

Are you a planner or a doer? Why?

@tiffany053p:.I am a planner!

@blondefabulous: Total planner! With 3 kids in 3 different schools this year, we need to plan just a bit to cover all bases!


?@abbebrown: Both! Some trips can be great on the fly, but others require planning and I enjoy both!

@themeparkmom: I would like to be a planner, but life warrants that I’m a doer. I’m often on a plane with less than a day’s notice for my job.

@rkosully: I’m usually afraid that if I plan too much Ill get blamed if things go wrong–so Id rather just DO!

What does last-minute mean to you?

@mellanhead: About 2-3 days before hand.

@candacki: Not enough time to plan accordingly.

@judy511: I better be getting a bargain.

@CiaoMom: Two weeks? (see, I told you I was not spontaneous!)

@DebMomOf3: Taking off with only a day or so notice… Haven’t done it much but always adds spirit of excitement to the trip. 🙂

Do you pack differently for a last-minute trip?

@LLLSummer: Most likely packing faster and lighter.

?@dreamfishing: Yes.. Usually more because in grabbing just-in-case items!

?@DebMomOf3: Not really – I tend to overpack no matter what. If I’m in a hurry though, I tend to forget things

@blondefabulous: More interchangeable stuff. Tops that go with several different bottoms so I can mix and match and pack light!

?@CarissaRogers: Dude of course I pack differently for last minute.. I pack TERRIBLY! 🙂

What do you look for in a last minute destination?

@abbebrown: Usually close to home and lots to do.

@sweetmatcha: I look for beautiful scenery, places to do things that are kid friendly, and fun!

@swtthing3: I’m not sure… I would say Ratings and Reviews.

?@dreamfishing: Price, availability, surroundings, kid friendly.

@blondefabulous: Something to do or someone to see. Preferably something new!!

Is spontaneous travel even possible with kids? How?

@abbebrown: Absolutely! Try to stay organized! I have a packing list in my andriod that I refer back to. A lifesaver!

@sweetmatcha: I think it might be possible, if you have backup things packed and a list of everything you need, just check it!

?@DebMomOf3: Yes… Especially now that kids getting older and don’t need so much gear. And can (mostly) pack for themselves. 🙂

?@rkosully: Sure, as long as it’s during a time they are free from school.

What’s the lure of last-minute travel?

?@mommacuisine: The excitement of having no agenda.

?@mellanhead: Lower prices, getting away on a whim.

@abbebrown: Making wonderful memories at discounted rates!

@dreamfishing: Just the idea of getting away.. Maybe visiting family.

@christielomb: Usually we read about something that sounds interesting to do in newspaper or computer, if it sounds like fun, we go.