american flagIndependence Day is here and we decided to chat all about it at our July 2 Monday Night  Twitter Party. Between the fireworks, barbeque, and time off work, what’s not to love about the 4th of July?Our tweeters shared their favorite holiday memories, must have foods, and what they’ll be doing this year. And of course as travel lovers, we shared our favorite destinations to watch the fireworks and celebrate.

How will you celebrate the 4th?

@ninjalyons: Setting off fireworks and bbq.

@abbebrown Having a picnic with the kids 🙂

@kjmaje: Our city of putting on a fireworks display on July 3rd, then laying low on the 4th!

@TammySigond: Home with friends bbqing by the pool.

@judy511: #Bike to #rockaway beach.

Where is the best place to celebrate the 4th? Why?

@abbebrown: Disney World also has the best fireworks!

@TammySigond: Love to celebrate at the lake.

@kjmaje: I would love to be in NYC!

@Gods_Smile: I have seen a fireworks show in Wyoming, and it was really beautiful up in the mountains.

@mom4everandever: Not to sound all gooey but anywhere the family is. It’s about people being together.

Share your favorite 4th of July memory.

@Techtembo888: Favorite memory was this huge cake someone brought, and we stuck A LOT of sparklers on it for fun.

@mellanhead: Watching the fireworks over the falls.

@rockstarmomlv:  Watching fireworks on my parents deck in Dana Pt. w my grandpa-a WWII vet. His gen was so patriotic

@sleatham1: Sitting on the old crank ice cream freezers while papa told ghost stories!

@beebsbarney: I remember my Uncle…roman candle in one hand…beer in the other…cig in his mouth

What’s your favorite July 4th food?

@kjmaje: Nothin’ but burgers, dogs, potato salad, watermelon, etc!

@ktandbri: Anything cooked on the grill!!

@ConnieFoggles:  What about frozen grapes? I have to buy some and freeze them now 🙂

@mom4everandever: Love ribs on the grill too.

@kimorlando: Fried Chicken. Homemade ice cream!!! And watermelon.

Where to watch July 4th fireworks?

@ninjalyons:  Cincinnati by the river! Such a great energy.

@CindyRichards: Best place to watch July 4th fireworks: From an airplane! So cool to look down on the colorful little “stars bursting in air.”

@hevener40: A popular area here is to watch from your boat on the lake. Really fun!

@rockstarmomlv: Love off the coast of DanaPt/Catalina u see the whole coast Up to Newport.

@TammySigond: Empire State Plaza in Albany NY.

What’s the best thing about a holiday that falls on a Wednesday?

@sleatham1: It breaks up the week!

@swhitaker99: You can two vacation days on either side and have a VERY long weekend! I LOVE Wed. holidays!

@OrchidResorts: You have two more days then its weekend!

@maryheston: Taking off a couples day on either side of the holiday to maximize work days off.