Having kids can mean creating all sorts of new family traditions – perhaps visiting Disneyland for the holidays or planning a family ski trip. For others, it might mean a cozy time at home baking holiday treats or writing letters to Santa Claus. We also celebrated with Sony’s newly released DVD Arthur Christmas, which focuses on the importance of holiday traditions. Many times traditions change with children and travel to see family creates new traditions so we devoted our November 5th Monday Night Twitter Party to the idea of Holiday Traditions and how they change.

What’s the farthest you’ve traveled for the holidays? Worth it? Why?

@daddymojo Since having children we pledged not to travel during holidays, it’s too wacky.

@JazzyTJan We traveled to Hawaii for Christmas from the Midwest. Fantastic. No snow..Beaches..warm weather.


@DebMomof3 Used to drive 2 hrs to Detroit & back every year, but it was too much for one day. Nicer to stay home & enjoy!

@angelgenius23 From Chicago to New York for Christmas a few years ago. Well worth it, got to meet family I didn’t know.

Share your favorite story of getting lost while traveling.

@maryheston Flew to Grandmas 1 yr. Plane diverted to an airport 200 miles away due to weather. Wild.

@MimiBakerMN Driving to VA two yrs ago we ended up in MI w/ my daughter driving. We were supposed to be in IN.

@CarissaRogers Lost while traveling..drove to Boston From NYC and kept getting lost driving around Boston. WAY before GPS tech!!

@funhippo3 Forgetting where we parked at the airport at midnight.

@angelgenius27 BEST STORY! my mom and i got lost on a train and went to the end of the line. She met her husband!

What family holiday traditions do your kids like? Dislike?

@Chaotic_Barb How creepy is this old school Elf on the Shelf? That was my mothers psycho tradition!

@DipaolaMomma My kids LOVE going to the ICE! event at Gaylord National. They hate the matching PJs I buy.

@DaddyMojo Dude, I love a good cookie swap because their cookies are always better than mine, suckers.

@annawbarber We do a long distance secret Santa with a total of 40 relatives.

@jspd We each get a new pair of Jammie’s on Christmas Eve.

How can tech be used to create and celebrate holiday traditions?

@maryheston Facetime on the iPhone – its pretty wild – its like the person is in the room w/ you.

@CarissaRogers We LOVE watching the NORAD Santa Tracker on Christmas EVE, seriously can’t imagine it without! 🙂

@ramblingstump We use Elfster online to draw Secret Santas. One gift to buy is easier.

@birdbanter We <3 personalized video messages Reagan gets every year from Santa via Portable North Pole. @EverywhereAmy We live away from family, so video kid opening presents and saying their thank you’s.

What’s your favorite mode of travel? Why?

@MomMostTraveled I like trains because you can relax and still move around!

@erodg I love road trips! I can overpack & bring lots of snacks.

@CarmelLeeMooney A nonstop flight! LOL

What will your kids ask for this holiday season? What will you get them?

@CindyRichards I hope my son asks for his 2nd semester college tuition. Because that’s what he’s getting.

@Mary Heston I always ask for a pony. Gets a little sadder every year.

@birdbanter My kid asks for everything on TV. We’re sticking w/all art/drawing materials, cuz in the end, it’s all she does.

@WanderingTastes I’d love to get everyone something handmade by artisans but they keep asking for digital. 🙁

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviations that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard!