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As the nation celebrated the heritage of Martin Luther King Jr., TravelingMom celebrated heritage travel on our January 21st party. We discussed where we would go to discover our heritage, how we would engage our kids in the journey, and much more.

What’s your heritage? Where would you travel to discover it?

@jspd German, Irish, Scottish, a little other mix. 😉 I’d travel to those countries for sure!

@ElenaSonnino I am 100% Italian, so it is a good thing I love going back to Italy.

@TibsTravel Ellis Island also my heritage, paternal grandparents entered USA there. Very important visits to museum 4 me with fam.


@nancyberk Since my heritage includes the Mayflower I’m thinking a cruise to the UK is in order.

@chaotic_barb It so important to understand your roots and what role your family has played in history. It IS who you are.

How do you engage kids in history when you travel?

@CindyRichards Gotta make it interesting. My kids love dress-up characters at living history museums. Seeing life as a kid then.

@lovernsaver There is so much history where I live in FL & we visit a lot of the sites. Geocaching is a great way to introduce the sites 2 kids.

@BirdBanter 5yo had a bday on MardiGras, so we celebrated in NOLA. She loved the parades & festivities. Great way to learn abt her heritage.

@shannonentin It is my #1 priority to engage my kids in history when we travel! It’s often our main reason for trip. My family LOVES history.

@ElenaSonnino There are so many fabulous virtual field trips online, kids can explore sites before experiencing them first hand.

@chaotic_barb We are just starting to cover DC while homeschooling. Worried 8 weeks isn’t long enough for what I want kiddo to know going in

What is the best kid friendly historical site that you’ve visited?

@faithleemooney SD, where I went to Mt. Rushmore. So cool to see it light up at night. It was quite windy, though.

@DebMomof3 @thehenryford has so much for kids to learn abt history- love museum & Greenfield Village. So much to see & learn!

@nancyberk @SheBuysCars Great historical sites in Pittsburgh include Henry Clay Frick house & Rachel Carson Homestead.

@jspd We loved national parks. always things for kids of all ages.

@6anderson1world Loved Panama canal museum. Kids could steer the ships!

How do you make the most of a 3 day weekend?

@DebMomof3 Travel only w/in couple of hours from home & plan down time to relax too. 4-day weeks seem to last forever after a 3-day wknd!

@SmartyPantsMama A 3-day weekend lets you have a recovery day! We like to leave FRI PM & return late SUN. That way we get MON to chill.

@kymri Truth be told, I use them to catch up on, well, everything 🙂

@S_thirtymommy Staycations…explore a new place close by!

What’s the best spot near you to celebrate MLK Day?

@erodg Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

@TibsTravel MLK observance place? @ExploreGeorgia The King Center in Atlanta. @travelingmoms Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, real people live there.

@S_thirtymommy  Local church had a great MLK story & crafts today!

@djc319 Dallas Fair Park.They had a parade & Festivities proceeds go to scholarships for high education

@SheBuysCars Best spot to celebrate MLKJr day? HenryFord Museum in Detroit has a great display including the actual RosaParks bus. Insipiring.

What are must see historical sites in your area?

@erodg Minidoka National Historic Site, japanese internment camps

@shannonentin Reenactment of Washington crossing the Delaware River. It’s on xmas day, but you can see dress rehearsal a couple weeks before.

@SmartyPantsMama Some historical sites in South Florida: @DeeringEstate, @EvergladesNPS, @FlaglerMuseum, @VizcayaMuseum

@ElenaSonnino Living near DC, the list is endless. @AlexandriaVA has fabulous tours and sites that are often missed by DC tourists.

@TibsTravel Appalachian Trail not too far from my GA home; that’s historic travel for sure! I hike the AT in bits.

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