fall foliageTraveling in late October usually means Halloween and haunted travel, which is exactly why we devoted our October 29 Monday Night Twitter Party to discussing the topic. We debated if it was scary or cool to visit a corn maze, ghost tour, and even stay the night in a haunted hotel. We shared our scariest moment while traveling and the scariest place we’ve ever been. On the lighter side, we also shared our favorite fall destinations for cooler temperatures, vibrant leaves, and welcoming a new season.

Have you ever stayed in a haunted hotel? Would you?

@TammySigond: No, but I would like to…I think.

@thegeekwife: YES!! I had a up close and personal experience in a hotel in AZ! Talk about weird.

@twinlins: Have not but in college lived in a haunted dorm! 

@blondefabulous: Nope. I value a nice bathroom and a comfy bed. Spooks don’t figure in to that! (Unless they can give a pedicure!)

@judy511: Not for me. Reading about ‘The Shining’ hotel creeped me out.

What was your scariest travel moment?

@TammySigond: Cruise during hurricane ship was rockin.

@mummadear: Driving across northern michigan in a snow storm! What a long a scary drive, didnt think we would make it

@judy511: Passport stolen while abroad.

@twinlins: In a taxi late at night driving through a remote area of china thinking anything could happen and no one would know!

@DebMomOf3: Driving through mountains with my dad at the wheel when he was ill and shouldn’t have been driving. Those sharp turns scared heck out of me!

What’s your favorite fall destination? Why?

@myfroject: I love blue ridge mountain trips it shows the best fall color and destination at the same time,

@judy511: Upstate NY – leaves, cider, hiking. No bugs.

@mom4everandever: Anywhere there is color, no storms and its cool- then again surfing would be fine.

@thegeekwife: The Great Smoky Mountains! Oh the colors, the snow, the people, the food, the park, the peacefulness of the mountains…

@DebMomOf3: Northern MI is beautiful in the fall – heck, anywhere in MI is gorgeous. See such pretty colors just doing errands around town. 🙂

Ghost tours – cool or corny?

@PatterTravelers: Cool! It can be fun to scare yourself silly.

@maryheston: My daughter thought going on the tours into the caves in Virginia were pretty spooky.

@thegeekwife: Cool! Also a way to get truly scared if you encounter one, and learn some history while you are at it.

@twinlins: If you get to meet the ghosts, cool 🙂

@tiffany053p: So cool! Louisiana has the best tours!

Where’s the scariest place you have visited? What made it scary?

@tiffany053p: My grandmothers house! There is something in that house.

@twinlins: Haunted houses scare me more than my kid.

?@BeckyAdventure: Graveyard next to parent’s house. The legend is there’s a man that wonders around that murdered his whole family after returning from war.

@thegeekwife: I visited a mining ghost town in CA called Calico. It wasn’t scary it was creepy. I could “hear” things. Ewe. Made my skin crawl.

@TammySigond: Edgar Allen Poe’s house in Philly was definitely freaky, didn’t feel alone…very eerie.

Corn mazes – cool or creepy?

@maryheston: LOVE love LOVE corn mazes.

@mom4everandever: Can be fun if they are tall enough- love the educational ones.

@thegeekwife: Creepy. Too closed in. Too many places for things to hide. No way not me.

@CindyRichards: Completely creepy, but question is less fun without @kimorlando to argue with me!

@EverywhereAmy: Corn mazes? I think they are cool, but sadly this year the corn was too short with drought. could see over.