GolfGolf vacations are on every golf lovers’ to-do list. We get to see new courses and experience different challenges all while taking in a new area. Both golf lovers and non-golfers chatted about traveling for golf at our August 27 Monday Night Twitter Party.

Golfers shared the best and worst parts of a golf vacation and how they get kids involved. Non-golfers shared what they would do on a golf focused vacation and what it would take to make them want to go.

What golf tournament do you most want to see in person? Why?

@phillycouponmom: Definitely the Masters.

@MWill1980: I want to see the Masters in person because there are so many great golfers who participate.

@TamaraBenningto: Tiger Woods

@mom4everandever: Do not ache to see any but do love playing the different courses and challenges.

@n210ss: The Masters The beauty of the course and players!

How do you help kids enjoy a golf vacation?

 ?@mom4everandever: Go to a place that has events and classes things for kids and teens.

@mummadear: By involving them in the game!

@kimorlando: We loved the Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine FL. Lots of interactive features and great history of the game. Son was in awe.

@MWill1980: They get in on the fun at the mini course for kids too. We try to choose kid friendly vacays, so everyone can have fun.

@maryheston: Let my youngest drive the golf cart, and he’s in heaven!

What’s the best and worst thing about a golf vacation?

@poshbrood: Best: Cocktails. Worst: Golfing. 🙂

@rockgirl97136: The cost. I think it is a little over the top! And on vacation you can’t take your own stuff!

@mellanhead: The best is golfing! The worst? Going with people who take golf very seriously.

@n210ss: If it rained that would be the worst part of the vaca. Best part getting to enjoy the outdoors!

@kimorlando: Best: view Worst: Golf

What can non-golfers do on a golf trip?

@zwei2go: Non-golfers can go to the spa, swim or go to the casino, if playing in a place like Vegas.

@TamaraBenningto: Love site seeing.

@tammera111: Swim, Relax Under an umbrella 🙂

@maryheston: Nice thing about Golf is that there is usually a spa nearby.

@maryheston: Right! Bike Trails, Indoor Water Parks, Thrift Shop shopping, Micro Brews, AND Golf.

What would it take to make you want to take a golf vacay?

?@thegeekwife: Exotic local, 5 star hotel, amazing amenities, on the ocean Caribbean preferably……

@mom4everandever: Have been on them, would not take much

@OhioCatfish: Spa time after golf.

@TamaraBenningto: A great lodge, great food, place to relax too.

@maryheston: Would LOVE to go on a Golf Vacay with some of my favorite golfers (My Dad, Auntie, Cousins)

Do you plan golf around your destination or destinations around golf?

@MWill1980: Destinations around golf, that way we can do more stuff besides golfing.

@kimorlando: Destination FIRST but must have golf!

@n210ss: Destinations Around golf.

@suerodman: I go with destination first.