thebeachFather’s Day is this Sunday, and it’s the perfect day to celebrate the dads in our lives. We chatted all about traveling with our dads, granddads, and husbands at our June 11 Monday night Twitter Party.Our tweeters shared their best and worst memories of traveling with dad, what dad’s dream destination is, and gave great tips on what to buy the travel lover dad this year.

What is your best or worst memory of traveling with your dad?

@judy511: Smoking with windows up and getting carsick

@TamaraBenningto: Taking forever to get somewhere…drove too slow.

  ?@jmcarollo: When I was younger I hated the country station he always made us listen to…now I LOVE IT.

@allierose: Another great dad memory was amusement parks: he’d ride the fastest, spinning rides and never get sick! Even go a second time.

@maryheston: Best trip Ever – visiting Dad’s old college buddies and hearing stories we had NEVER heard.

Where does the dad in your family like to travel?

@judy511: Anywhere outdoorsy with craft beers on tap.

@christielomb: My husband likes to visit his family. He also likes to go to the beach!

@sweetmatcha: Dad always wants to go to more scenic areas, like national parks.

@kjmaje: I (Dad) like to travel to Walt Disney World!

@kimorlando: Any place there is golf and no sand.

Who makes the travel plans in your family?

@marilola33: Always mom, she is the best in planning trips.

@rkosully: It’s a team effort (sometimes harmonious, sometimes not)

@DebMomOf3: Me, always. Or we’d never go anywhere…

?@helyn4: Dad when they do travel… he maps it out. Mom hates to do all that stuff! She would rather just go!

@n210ss: Dad made the plans. He was a single parent and did a wonderful job with 3 girls!

What is the perfect traveling dad father’s day gift?

@sweetmatcha: A trip to a resort!

@judy511: Travel martini set, knife with really good corkscrew.

@abbebrown: Great luggage or camera.

@TammySigond: GPS or AAA membership.

@thelucaszoo:  I got hubs a bathroom bag one year with razors, shampoos, soaps, etc all in it. Awesome gift for the traveling man.

What kind of traveler is the dad in your family? Are you the same?

@abbebrown: He’s a try anything once guy and loves cruises and I’m the same way 🙂

@sweetmatcha: Dad is into exploring everything! I think I’m a lot like him. I’m an adventurer for sure.

?@marilola33: Not a beach fan. He is more backpack and good shoes! Like me 🙂

@Techtembo888: My dad is a brave traveler. He’d do all types of sports (rafting) I’m more tentative about things.

What is dad or granddad’s dream destination?

@TammySigond: Ireland to see where his family came from.

@judy511: Israel

@abbebrown: DH’s would be Alaska.

@GeekDad248: My dad really wants go Yellowstone and never has.

@DebMomOf3: Other than taking the kids to #Disney, not sure if hubby has one. Except maybe doing family research in Netherlands.

@marilola33: My dad dream destination is Australia.