autumnFall is a season built for travel lovers. Attending great festivals, apple picking and viewing the beautiful, changing leaves are just a few of the things our tweeters said they travel for at our Fall travels September 24 Monday Night Twitter Party.

We also talked about Halloween travel, where the best fall festivals are and if we can still travel with our kids even though school is back on.

What’s your family’s favorite fall outdoor activity?

@maryheston: Hard to beat a good Oktoberfest Party Hardly anything more fun that a big group doing the duck dance to accordion music!

@Gods_Smile: Visiting mountains when leaves change colors. It is beautiful seeing all the different colored trees.

@sarageen: Apple picking (in order to bake apple crumble).

@allierose: Love catching fall festivals on weekends.

@DebMomOf3: Have love/hate relationship with raking leaves. Nothing else says fall quite as much, but ugh, all that work. Kids can help now though!

What’s the best fall festival? Do you travel to get there?

@allierose: Waterfowl Festival in Annapolis MD

@kimorlando: Fan of Cherry Crest Farm in Lancaster PA -CORN MAZE!

@kjmaje: The Big E in Massachusetts. Its about 45 minutes from us.

@judy511: College visiting day – yes, travel

@MichelleGuindon: Going apple picking or to visit cranberry bogs!

Do you do an annual color tour? Where are the best fall colors?

@swtthing3: The Apple Festival in Wilkesboro, NC We’ve only been there once but had loads of vendors w/great fall foods!

@judy511: VT is our place.

@DebMomOf3: Michigan has gorgeous colors in October! Pretty much anywhere, but love driving near Lake MI in the fall to see. 🙂

@itmaiden: We live in a very woodsy rural area, so we see the natural foliage all the time.

@Gods_Smile: Never done a color tour but I watch the color trends on fashion trends.

Will you travel for Halloween? If so, where?

@maryheston: I do love a good haunted house. Madame Tussauds in NYC SCARRRRY.

@allierose: We love going to the @smithsonian @airandspace “Air & Scare” trick-or-treat.

@judy511: No – kids want to be with their friends. Did Disney once.

@PataMSPataMS: We can’t travel for Halloween.. Our kids LOVE trick or treating at our neighborhood!

@maryheston: We only travel to local friends houses on Halloween. DD is a Halloween baby so it’s party party party all week.

Do you take your kids out of school for travel? Why or why not?

@allierose: Only if its work related and travel is needed.

@swtthing3: Yes, took my son out a couple of times… the school/teacher asked him to write a paper about his trips!

@CindyRichards: As often as they will go

@PaulinaChills: We’ve taken them out for travel but only if there isn’t any major testing going on

@maryheston: We used to take them out of school for travel but now that they’re in HS they don’t want to miss anything 🙁