crowded-airportRoad trips are a great way for an adventure with your family, but they take a little different preparation than the usual trip. We talked about taking kids on the road at our April 16 #TMOM Monday Twitter Party.

Our tweeters shared that markers, loud toys and bad attitudes aren’t allowed in the car and shared their favorite apps to keep the kids entertained. We also talked about favorite toys for the car, forgotten items and who coordinates everything.

How do you entertain your kids on a long road trip?

@CarissaRogers: Let them first entertain themselves… I always make them wait 30 min before screens, games, etc!


@judy511: I do shtick in dif voices.

@Happy2BAlex: We play games too, and we also bring iPods, iPads and movies.

@Lizinka2001: Coloring supplies, toys, music and DVDs

@viagempimpolhos: With something new and surprising (game, book..)

What are kids’ favorite toys for traveling? How do you keep it all organized?

@twinlins: Stuffed animals, books… but have to limit them! 

@petritiasylves: Board games and small toys like cars. Its very difficult to organize, always have to clean up once we return back.

@LLLSummer: I would bring leapster/ipod touch, favorite stuffed animal, and crayola wonder for coloring mess free.

@projecthope7: Each have their own little snack kit and bag of games, crayons, pencils, DVDs, and more.

@tiffany053p: Books, uno cards, movies, and stuffed pillow.

family-getawayWhat are your kids’ favorite games and Apps for travel?

@kjmaje: My daughter likes the Undercover Tourist Disney App – we like guessing the wait times for rides!

@WeightWars1: Kids will play just about anything. To me a GPS is essential.

@jacqgrif: My kids like any iPad app! Music is really important to them too!

@sweetmatcha: They love the puzzle apps and reading “the monster at the end of the book”.

@abbebrown: Kids doodle, Animal Paradise, angry birds.

What are your kids not allowed to bring on a family vacation?

@GeekDad248: Anything they would be upset to lose.

@Vacation_Mamma: Friends– it’s for family.

@mpacatte: Their pissy attitudes!

 @CarissaRogers: MARKERS.

?@viagempimpolhos: loud or too big toys

What’s the most critical thing you or they ever forgot? How did you handle it?

@GeekDad248: My daughter epi pen but my wife had one in her purse and told me after pointing out I forgot it… teach me lesson.

@ramblingstump: Not sure how we forgot it but the stroller on a big family trip to Northern NH. Luckily so much family was there she was carried.

@CreateWithJoy1: I left my purse at home, so I was stuck having hubs buy everything. Tee Hee!

@mellanhead: Car charger. Bought new one.
@abbebrown: Underwear and we bought more 🙂

@DebMomOf3: Deodorant. Bought new at hotel gift shop, but was allergic. Not fun! 🙁

Who organizes packing for a trip?

@MOM4EVEREVER: me myself and I.

@sweetmatcha: Mostly I do it. I’m paranoid about forgetting things, but dh handles all the electronics.

@tiffany053p: Kids are responsible, but I give it a look over after they are done just to be on the safe side.

@twinlins: I do. They pack their bags, but I have final say!

@kjmaje: My wife packs for the twins, and my daughter packs her own suitcase. We have to double check her bag though!