art classTraveling and education go hand and hand. Whether it’s learning about history at a museum, experiencing another culture in a foreign land, or even getting to explore nature by touching and seeing it first hand, there is something to learn from our travels.

We chatted about all types of educational travels at our Monday Night October 8 Twitter Party. Our tweeters share their feelings on sending their kids both on class field trips or on an abroad vacation, advice for making a trip educational and their best and worst field trips.

What is your best advice for parents whose kids are taking their 1st field trip?


@mellanhead: Pack for the weather, and let teacher know if there will be problem like car sick.

@chickadeeprints: I use Mabel’s Labels wrist bands…peace of mind.

@SmartyPantsMama: Let the teachers take the lead. Parents often are more challenging on field trips than the kids!

@sweetmatcha: I’d give them emergency contact info, just in case they get lost!

@chickadeeprints: Offer to chaperone. It puts both of your fears to rest.

Have you ever chaperoned an overnight school trip? How’d it go? If not, would you?

@momUNblogger: Not for my son, not yet. When I was in college I did for the kids I mentored. It was pretty fun!

@maryheston: Took a bus full of 8th graders to NYC for 2 nights. It was AWESOME!

@judy511: Yes. Got to be tooth fairy for another kid.

@SmartyPantsMama: I chaperoned, as school staff, an overnight trip to Williamsburg! It was fun and exhausting!

@cammiLH: Yes! An overnight science trip with 5th graders. It was a blast!

What is the best/worst school trip that you or your kid has taken?

@marilola33: A ski trip in the Alps was wonderful.

@go2kauai: Best trip was to France, so many wonderful memories!

@cammiLH: Best: safari or overnight Science campout…Worst: play at Arts center.

@AFadedGinger: 7th grade to see Gnomeo and Juliet = worst.

@didyouyarnthat: Best was my HS trip to NYC. Memorable!

How do you make an educational trip?

@cammiLH: My kids love hands on education!! Let them touch and do! 🙂

@AFadedGinger: Love learning yourself. Excitement is infectious.

@judy511: Gift shop

@maryheston: Edu Trips can be fun if the kid is empowered to take the lead. Let them be the tour guide – go at their pace – etc

@go2kauai: I’d go with them to each exhibit and read, touch everything with them!

Where are the best places for fun educational travel?

@redfuzzycow: Washington DC is a lot of fun 🙂

@judy511: European museums

@FirstClassKris: Science Centers, Factories to see how things are made.

@kimorlando: I LOVE National Parks – rangers give free tours/hikes.

@chaotic_barb: Cruises, meet so many international people.

How do you feel about sending your kid abroad? Would you visit?

@DebMomOf3: I’d feel jealous – never been abroad myself. So YES would absolutely visit, lol! 🙂

@chickadeeprints: Both my husband and I studied abroad through our colleges…best experience ever! Got bit by the travel bug for life!

@FirstClassKris: I couldn’t send her that far, so young. If I was able to go with her-most definitely! It’d be lesson of a lifetime!

@cammiLH: Would definitely depend on their age! My 13 year old wants to go to Europe on school trip next yr but we said no.

@maryheston: Just remind them to sleep with their passports (and make sure you have a color digital copy in case they need 1 fast).