1-The Disney DreamCruises have the best of both worlds with a laid back, relaxing atmosphere and also being entertained with loads of activities. But cruises also stir up some questions for us: What should we pack? What if we get sea sick? Is it a good idea to bring my kids? That’s why we devoted our March 12 Monday Night Twitter Party to the topic.Our tweeters gave tips for first time cruisers, sea sickness and what to pack while also sharing concerns and our fantasy cruise.

Have you ever taken your kids on a cruise? If so, what’s the best ages? What’s the worst?

@MOM4EVEREVER: Yes, have taken even a 1 year old. There is no bad age…I tool a 1 yrear-old on a cruise…yes loved it.

@pitstopsforkids: Cruising for the first time when we blog about #DisneyFantasy later this month. Kids are excited!

@AskWifey: I haven’t taken my kids cruising yet, but would LOVE to. 3+ would be great for Disney. 8+ for others with kid activities.

@CindyRichards: Crew/passenger ratio feels like 1:2, so I feel like there’s always someone watching them

@thegeekwife: Royal Caribbean ages 8 and 11. They absolutely loved it! They had their time and the adults had theirs. Great vacay.

Do or did you worry about getting seasick on a cruise? How would/do you handle it?

@SmartyPantsMama: Have a horrible track record of getting sea sick…did it on my 4th date with my husband! On a fishing boat I turned green!

@DebMomOf3: I’ve done ok on smaller boats so hoping cruise will be fine. Will probably bring meds, just in case though.

@kimorlando: I pack PSi Bands – cute and they work on pressure points! All #TMOMs on retreat are getting one.

@thegeekwife: I had grown up on the water and so had my kids so no. But we got a cabin midship upper level just in case.

@Leighbra: I really swear by ginger for stomach sickness. Candied, tea, the lollipops

Share your best packing tips for cruising. What are your must have items?

@CindyRichards: Must-pack always: A power strip so I can keep me and everyone else charged up without crawling around looking for outlets.

@RVASuz: Shoes that coordinate with multiple outfits and clothes that don’t wrinkle!

@AskWifey: Flip flops and wine. Just kidding. Sort of. Sunscreen and the right clothes for different activities and dinners but don’t over pack!

@birdbanter: I loved the packing tips @AndiAnswers gives in this post abt @DisneyCruise staterooms! http://bit.ly/AwPbLm

@TammySigond: I try to pack around my shoes so I don’t bring too much. Don’t forget cruise ships have washing machines…

What are your biggest concerns when it comes to going on a cruise?

@ramblingstump: Sinking, Somali pirates, seasickness, feeling trapped

@CindyRichards: Biggest concern when going on a cruise: That it will end too soon. Sadly, it always does.

@AskWifey: Limited cell phone or internet options. But, I’m kind of looking forward to unplugging. Oh, and falling overboard. GASP! 🙂

What’s your best insider tip for a cruise ‘newbie’? Or if you’re a newbie, what do you want to know?

@kimorlando: Sign up for shows ASAP so you get seats and the time you want.

@judy511: Board early and enjoy ship. Carry on swimsuit so don’t have to wait 4 luggage.

@AskWifey: Best tips don’t over pack; relax and enjoy; and don’t miss the boat! Tee hee hee!

@CindyRichards: Best newbie tip: Read the onboard schedule religiously and circle the 2-3 must-dos. Then let everything else go and relax.

What is your fantasy cruise?

@meNtheguys: Send the kids the grandma’s???!!!

@AskWifey: My husband and I want to do an Alaskan cruise. And, the Disney Fantasy cruise of course!

@CindyRichards: My fantasy cruise: Around the world for a year, stopping in exotic ports, going thru Panama Canal. Sigh.

@jbfoster4: My husband and I switch off to give ourselves some ‘alone’ time and just chill =-)

@heartblog: We are taking a Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riviera in a short while and we couldn’t be more excited!