1-The Disney_DreamWhen packing for a cruise, and any other vacation, your camera is probably high on your checklist. And it’s no surprise it’s a vital item since it captures precious family memories, grabs great photos of your kids and lets you remember the beautiful scenery around you. That’s why we talked about taking pictures and cruises at our March 26 Monday Night Twitter Party.  Using natural light and asking someone to take the picture are just a start to the great tips we have. We also shared tips on not letting the abundance of delicious food on cruises come home a few pants sizes higher.

What is your favorite family vacation photo?

?@thegeekwife: On a cruise, Royal Caribbean, Empress of the Seas, formal night. My children were on their first cruise.

@kymri: I love this one my husband took of us, makes me feel happy http://pic.twitter.com/ymul7rvN

@a_biro: My favorite was taken at our wedding on a rare sunny day in Washington 🙂

@SixInTheNest: Favorite pic is from a visit to Grass River Natural Area in Bellaire Mi. (Not a cruise…but still fun!)

@BeckyAdventure: 2011 Fall at Kaskia Island Illinois http://pic.twitter.com/XakrBHbm

What is your best tip for taking a family vacation photo?

@SixInTheNest: I make use of the auto timer! I hate having someone missing in all the pictures!

?@sweetmatcha: Best tip is stop looking anywhere else but the camera!!

?@CiaoMom: Do not be afraid to ask someone to take the picture. The worst they can do is say no.

?@go2kauai: Use natural light when possible!

?@1Dad1Kid: Candids are the best. Catch kids doing the things that bring them the most joy

@ionMyAdventures: Take lots of pictures so there are plenty to choose from.

Do you take more pictures with your phone or regular camera on vacation?

@SixInTheNest: BOTH! I prefer taking pictures with my camera, but my phone will do in a bind.

?@CreateWithJoy1Reply: I still take pics from a camera. I simply like it better

@go2kauai: I take phone pics a lot and then never do anything with them. Camera ones I usually print out.

@kymri: I like using a camera phone for instant sharing, and my SLR for everything else

Do cruises do a good job of accommodating special needs—dietary, mobility, etc?

@abbebrown: Disney- cruises are wonderful with special needs of any kind!

@go2kauai: Food-wise, I loved all the variety. I’d be eating all day if they had more food

How can I keep from gaining 100 lb. on a cruise?

@JazzyTJan: Watch your portions and get up in move (you can do that- walk, exercise, dance).

?@kymri: Always take the stairs.

@sweetmatcha: Participate in any of the gym activities on board. They’re fun!

@WeightWars1: Remember it is about the fun, not the food.

?@klcmaher: Jog around the deck in the mornings before breakfast!

What do you look for in a cruise with kids?

?@nycmartini: As many activities as possible to keep them entertained like shows or areas specifically for them.

@WeightWars1: Fun with safe healthy activities.

?@abbebrown: On-board activities such as pools & excursions are great too!

?@kymri: Vegetarian and healthy kids menu items beyond mac n’ cheese, pizza, and risotto. How about veggies??

@sweetmatcha: For the kids, fun stuff for them: water activities, cute things.

@klcmaher:  Would it be terrible for me to look for a cruise for me and hubby and no kids?