moneySaving money on a family vacation is a high priority for many families when traveling. That’s exactly why we devoted our July 30 Monday Night Twitter Party to the topic of money on vacations. Our tweeters gave excellent tips for how to they save money when traveling, on food with their kids and where they stay to grab the best deals.And you might just be surprised at how little and how much our moms have spent on a family vacation.

What’s the most you have ever spend on a family vacation? Was it worth it?

@blondefabulous: $3000. My 40th birthday party. Rented out part of Blizzard Beach, bought guests tickets, took pro family photos at Epcot.

@allierose: About $600. New Years Eve. Completely worth it!

@AMatalanis: Hawaii was about $5,000. It was worth every penny!

@TheEcoChicMan: We just dropped $16k for a lifetime of Hilton Grand Vacations. It’ll be worth it!

@sunrae17: Over $5,000. No I would go less expensive resort next time.

What’s the least you have spent on a family vacation? How did it go?

@firstclasskris: About $30 for a picnic and gas to Erie Beach. It was the best day ever relaxing.

@DebMomOf3: We usually visit and stay with friends, so not much money other than gas. Restricted to going where they live though. 😉

@blondefabulous: $250. Went great, no frills, just fun!

@judy511: Virtually nil. Flew with miles, stayed with in-laws, pool down the street. Still married.

@mom4everandever:  Have done cheap camping- still have park fees.

Share your secrets for saving money on vacation.

@melinda74: Coupons books found in hotel lobbies.

@FirstClassKris: Keeping cooler of water in the trunk- Drinks are the most needed and expensive on vacay!

@judy511: We open our house to all, get invites worldwide in return.

@mom4everandever: Ask locals where they eat- deals are to be found and treasure.

@windylouphoto: Also, I do lots of research ahead of time for free activities and plan hotel based on walking distance.

How do you save money on food when you travel with kids?

@allierose: Look for decent kids menus and happy hours with decent choices.

@blondefabulous: We bring snacks with us to the hotel for the room and drinks too. Kids with munchies can break the bank!

@SweetmatchaJail: Definitely find a hotel with free breakfast included.

@melinda74: No kids here, but we pack snacks and sandwich meat for roadside picnics.

@ktandbri_jail: Buy Groupons (or other daily deals sites) and use gift cards if we have them.

@drupmcp: Hotel room with kitchen.

Best places to stay on a budget when you travel with kids?

@dreamfishing: Place with free breakfast!

@PaulEisenberg: Indoor pool is as important as a free breakfast. Swimming keeps us from shopping.

@windylouphoto Visiting family is best for us – we have babysitters, food and lodging built in.

@blondefabulous: Super 8 and Travelodge usually have good deals, especially if you get the online rates!

@melinda74: Disney budget hotels.