sand-snowSnow or sun? That is the question traveling moms ask about the family vacations in the winter. Will we take the kids skiing? Or head to a family-friendly resort in the Caribbean? Those questions and many more were answered during our party on January 7th.
Snow or sun for winter travel?

@AndreaGuthmann ? escaping Chicago & seeing the sun but my boys luv to ski. Family travel’s all about compromise right?!

@MaryHeston @SilverMtnResort you can go skiing all day and then surf in the afternoon. Just ask @erodg about her visit!

@blondefabulous SUN!! I have never been a cold weather sort of gal! BRING ON THE CABANA BOYS W/FRUITY DRINKS!!


@heatheracts Snow because it’s closer. I dream about the sun though!

@travelermom Sun, though my teens would disagree. My son is a snow board instructor this year and my daughter loves to ski.

How do you pack bulky winter gear in a carryon?

@ionmyadventures Don’t forget the sunscreen! You need it 4 sun OR ski in winter.

@judy511 Wear as much as possible. We travel like marshmallow people

@mriveramora Roll all the clothes -its a space saver!

Best tip for winter roadtrips?

@ramblingstump Slow down, assume those in front of you will slam on their brakes. Pack a winter kit.

@MaryHeston Kitty litter gr8 traction if you are stuck in snow- besides it adds weight to your trunk which helps too.

@aogable Dress in layers, so you don’t have to pump the heat constantly!

@blondefabulous Dress warmly, and remember to tinkle BEFORE you leave. Rest stop toilet seats are C-O-L-D!!!

How do you cope with winter travel delays?

@mriveramora I go with expectations of major delays, so it won’t be so frustrating if it really happens

@kimorlando This is when the airline clubs come in handy. Comfier chairs, food, drinks, fancier bathrooms. Cranky biz people but oh well.

@suerodman We don’t have salt trucks in ATL. Our snow removal plan is the sun.

@mom4everandever Ext cord and prepped to be bumped in exchange for another free ticket/cash.

@JeannetteElb I love to sing in the car! Not sure if everyone else appreciates it.

What’s your winter comfort food & where do you find it?

@DebMomof3 Other than chocolate? Probably beef stew (yum!), chili, basically anything hot and filling…

@jspd Clam Chowder, my homemade mac and cheese, Shepherds pie, coffee with Kahlua or Baileys are some of my favorites.

@kelseaeaton My winter comfort food is chocolate! Where CAN’T I find it?

@mimitravelz Love French onion soup! My fam also loves baked mac n cheese.

Where’s the best winter festival?

@ElenaSonnino I loved the sundance festival. Great food, movies, and skiing.

@melinda74 Not a festival but I LOVE NYC at Christmas time.

@tibstravel Winter Carnival @quebecregion quite fine. Exceptional actually for 17 days.

@maryheston Iditarod in the Yukon would be fun to see.

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