Hope Springs400Inspired by the movie “Hope Springs” and sponsored by Sony, we gathered on December 3rd to talk romantic travel. Our tweeters told stories of 1st loves, vacations past and occasionally veered out of the G-rated category! 

Where were you when your significant other first said I love you?

@dianarowe  We’d just rode in to Sturgis for bike week & were walking down Main Street 😉

@WanderingTastes  College newspaper (romantic, no?) 


@Connie Foggles @DebMomof3 That’s a sign of real love, you don’t remember and it doesn’t matter. 

@ionmyadventures At a dance after football game. I still hear Sherriff playing “When I’m with you.”

How can travel help get the magic back?

@leighbra We need time away from boring realities of being an adult! Let someone else cook & focus on each other!

@petersterri  It’s getting away without the kids that helps us! Travel is the only time we do that.

@chaotic_barb  Shared experiences just add to the memories and romance of long term relationships

@ionmyadventures Time alone helps you remember who you are together, not just mom and dad.

Can you find romance at a low end motel as easily as a high end boutique hotel?

@stblissout Not if there is fear of bedbugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@chaotic_barb *Bring quarters for the bed!*

@theejuliette that’s more romantic because you both care about saving money

@mommaof4girlies It’s what you do, not where you do it 

Why is food so important in a relationship? What are your faves?

@IcySupreme  the way to my mans heart

@DianaRowe Lots of conversation & intimacy over food & wine! Favs any restaurant @TheBroadmoor, good wine, prime rib, lobster

@AustinKVS Food is the way to a man’s heart still, isn’t it? I won mine with brownies. 😀

@ionmyadventures  Food is sexy! Love chocolate, wine, and pasta (gluten free of course, or it’s not sexy).

@maryheston Besides food setting the mood – I get pretty grumpy when I’m hungry – and that’s just not pretty 

What’s the least fave holiday gift you ever got or gave? The best?

@rachelferrucci My dh bought me a dress meant for a 20 yr old- I’m not 20 anymore- I’d look like a hoochie- not cool. 

@zipporahs My husband bought me a boat – he knows I get seasick. Time to admit he bought it for himself.

@CarissaRogers  have to admit the hubs is great about gift, in fact I have to only ‘ask’ for a few items, or he’ll get them ALL!

@sashacory Least fave: wrong sized clothes Fave: custom picture of my late 1st dog. Made me cry 🙁

Where would you go to renew your vows?

@ky_1987 Bora Bora or Maui

@OneHotMamaGuide I’d say Sonoma County at a beautiful vineyard! Amazing wine+food+friends+fam. 

@familytravel4um We renew our vows every day & more often when we travel – esp love Asia

@ramblingstump Got married @ImprovAsylum on Leap Yr Day- we go back on “real” anniversaries. Wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere.

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviations that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard!