tissue box672786 98271359On December 17th we changed up our Twitter party topic. The Newtown school tragedy had happened that past Friday and we had gone silent for the weekend. We wanted to gather as a community still on Monday and tackle some difficult topics. Thank you so much for those of you who joined us to tackle these tough questions.How have current events altered your travel plans?

@travelermom Hasn’t really altered our plans, other than to be more deliberate when about spending quality time with loved ones….

@arrowssentforth Makes me want to travel more. Vacations are such important quality time with our kids away from distractions.

@lovetolovemykids Children are often much more resilient than we think, but they’ll pick up on our fears if we show it…


@nancyberk Terrible circumstances remind us to maximize preparation. 

@twinlins No fear is good but a well handled dose of horror is healthy. We never want us or our kids to become desensitized.

How do you plan for an emergency at home while you are traveling?

@ramblingstump PSA- if you travel to part of the country that has earthquakes, tornados, etc be sure to read safety info in hotel room binder.

@CindyRichards I leave lots of instructions at home. Hubs doesn’t read them but writing them makes me feel better.

@DebMomof3 Make sure others know travel plans, keep phones charged, make sure neighbors aware are gone so can watch out for things.

@PatterTravelers We’re in an earthquake zone. If a big one hits, I want everyone to focus on getting out, not trying to get home.

@JazzyTJan Make sure someone knows my travel plans & I have extra medication & important phone numbers w/me.

What age is ok for “tragic” site visits (Holocaust, etc)?

@yadi25cast I think a good age is 8, they are still very interested in historical facts and they ask lots of questions.

@twinlins My oldest are 7 and working out this concept of evil but I think a memorial would be too much now.

@birdbanter We visited Arlington Nat’l Cemetery w/our 5yo last mnth. Completely lost on her of course, but she loved changing of the guard.

@JazzyTJan Daughter asked 2 go to Holocaust Museum (DC) & studied for it prior to trip. That is when I knew it was time 2 visit.

How do you put those tragic/historic sites in context for your kids?

@kymnasium For me its a careful balance. Even as an adult it’s hard to wrap my mind on tragic events so I go slow with my babies.

@lovetolovemykids I try to show them that there are more good things in the world as there are bad in history and we try to do good always.

@JazzyTJan Many museums/memorials have people who share the history/reason behind them. Reading books b4 helps.

How do you use travel to expand your kids worldview?

@CindyRichards  Everything about travel expands our world views-and shows us there are way more good people than bad, all over the world.

@CityGirlBigWorl By learning different cultures and traditions. 

@kimorlando It’s always the people we meet when we travel who impact our lives.

What about the holidays comforts you?

@kymnasium Donating. Making others holiday bright.

@CityGirlBigWorl Having my family & friends near. Sitting next to a warm fire sipping hot cocoa!

@PatterTravelers Traditions and family being together are very comforting.

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