illuminations3 editedOn December 10th we gathered to talk about holiday lights and holiday travel, sponsored by, and We discussed where to find the best lights and holiday travel.

Where is your favorite spot in the Caribbean? Why?

@TheExhaustedMom My favorite place in the Caribbean is ALL OF IT!

@CindyRichards Umm. The Caribbean. Duh.


@1amypugmire hoping my favorite spot will be aruba. going on a cruise in feb to the carribean! can’t wait.

@shannonentin Would love to get back to the Caribbean to snorkel. So much fun!

@SarahPeppel FAVE spot in the Caribbean is Watermelon Cay off St. John. Starfish as far as the underwater eye can see.

How do you find airfare deals?

@travelermom I did learn to clear the cookies on your computer for the best pricing.

@WanderingTastes Online. Is there another way?

@SperlingGreene Wednesday is cheapest day to fly then Tue & Sat

@nnacua I love the discount websites like Travelocity or Hotwire.

What do you love most about cruising with kids?

@MomVacations Cruises easy w/kiddos b/c kids clubs do the work, I sunbathe 🙂

@familytravel4um Not us, get seasick on the gangplank.

@MomUNblogger Have not yet been cruising with my son, but we plan to when he turns 5.

@AndreaGuthmann Something for everyone on cruise. Teen lounge, kids club, evening entertainment… Smooth sailing for all.

How do you find the best international beach destinations?

@VeraSweeney You can always trust me and go to MALTA! Our beaches are beautiful – truly.

@thirtymommy Blogs, reviews then search packages.

@HuntersvilleMo1 We take tips and advice from friends and family that love to travel as well and have never gone wrong!

@Hotironholster If I have no clue I look on google for top 10 lists!

Do you use a travel agent to book deals? Why or why not?

@KouponKat My travel is on a budget. I use points to pay for rooms and/or flights, so I do the booking myself.

@PaulEisenberg For complicated trips with lots of legs, yes on a real, live travel agent

@JungleRangers I like to book them myself but if its a busy/holiday time I’ll use an agent.

@CindyRichards I get satisfaction from booking myself. I have the time to research plenty before I book.

@kymri Hotels, cruises & suppliers treat you better coming from an agent.

Do you prefer to travel by land, sea or air during the holidays?

@allierose Land. Love to make unexpected stops along the way!

@Gods_Smile I love traveling by Amtrak. So comfortable and you can walk around and stretch your legs.

@kjmaje We drive our car on the ferry! It is an hour and a half ferry ride from CT to Long Island.

@kouponkat I like my car. Feels good to be in control.

@maryheston I don’t care how I get there – or how long it takes – I just love to travel.

@ElenaSonnino As long as we have spa time, I am good w/almost anywhere. (spa time=better internal relations)

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