Cindy at laptop

A #TMOM Twitter party is the best kind of party–one we can attend wearing a robe and slippers. That’s because it’s a virtual party conducted via Twitter from the comfort of our own homes. Spend time talking about a traveler’s  favorite topic: travel.

Is it more fun than a traditional party? It can be. On a #TMOM party, you never know who you might connect with. It could be a surfer in CA, a hiker in Peru, or another mom (or dad) who dreams of taking the kids to Disney.

#TMOM parties are fast, funny and fantastic. Join the fun each Monday night from 9-10pm ET simply by following the #TMOM hashtag.


How to Join a #TMOM Party

If you’re a Twitter newbie, what do you need to do?

Step 1: Create a Twitter account. Go to and follow the easy sign up rules. Choose a Twitter name (known as a handle in Twitter circles) and sign up. Choose a short name. Remember, there are only 140 characters per post (or tweet).

Step 2: On your Twitter home page, type #tmom into the search box. That will bring up a Twitter feed of all tweets that carry the hashtag #tmom. A hashtag is the # sign. Put it in front of any word you want people to be able to easily find. We always use #tmom for our TravelingMom Monday Twitter parties. Try it now–you’ll see the tweets from the most recent party.

Step 3: Mark your calendar for Monday at 9 pm ET each week and join the conversation. We host a different travel topic every week – some are sponsored and some are not – but they are all fun and offer useful information. We’ll post questions every 10 minutes and you post answers (remember to end every tweet with the hashtag #tmom so it shows up as part of the party feed). It’s fun and a great way to get in the Twitter swing of things.

Step. 4: Follow the people (or tweeple) whose tweets you find interesting at the party. Chances are they’ll follow you back. (Start by following @travelingmoms.) It’s the Twitter version of exchanging business cards at a networking meeting.

TravelingMom Monday Twitter parties draw lots of participants and move fast. Don’t miss the fun, the prizes, or the chance to find lots of great new tweeps to follow.