BeachTravel can be just the inspirational and rejuvenating experience you need. We talked about traveling to heal on our Oct. 10 #TMOM Monday Twitter Party. We shared our favorite restorative destinations and uplifting travel stories as well as how we support those we love when they’re sick.

Where would you most like to take a cancer survivor you know?

@kimorlando: I love the healthy atmosphere at Kripalu and Omega yoga centers

@anneatcsuite agrees: Kripalu definitely rocks!


@primetimeparent: Israel!

@thegeekwife: It would really depend on their bucket list and also their health,and their love of water, mountains, beach, etc…

How has travel healed you?

@anneatcsuite: Traveling always helps heal anxiety…going away separates me and I come back w/clear, focused thinking.

@StayAdventurous: Changed my career.

@thegeekwife: The ocean always heals me, whether it is daily stress or a difficult time in my life. It is my happy place..

@bctripletmom: Oh…well…traveled away from a hurricane once…helped us stay safe. 😉

How do you honor loved ones who are ill?

@kimorlando: Lots of my friends bike or run tris to raise money.

@anneatcsuite: Don’t ask how you can help. Make a suggestion. If kids involved, offer to take them for a playdate. Bring over a meal.

@bctripletmom: Talk with them, pray for them, make donations in their honor.

Have you ever traveled when you were sick? What happend?
@ionMyAdventures: When my health is an issue I just try to balance rest and still enjoy my fam. I don’t like illness to take any more away from me.

@anneatcsuite: Caught terrible head cold in Chicago. Called dr from O’Hare. She saw me when I landed…double ear infection!

@JennieBaird: Yes! I had morning sickness & flew to my bros. wedding. & threw up! yay!

Where is your favorite restorative destination?

@furrykarma: Anywhere with my family just not me actually taking care of them.

@anneatcsuite: Australia is my soulful home…I know I lived there in another life!

@bctripletmom: My recliner in front of the tv. 😉

@CindyRichards: Any place with warm sunshine and big water–the ocean, an expansive beach, the islands. Listening to the waves calms me.

@JennieBaird: Spa, any spa. No kids.

@DebMomOf3: Anywhere alone w/ no kids to take care of – but have always loved being near the water. So peaceful…

Share your must uplifting travel story.

@anneatcsuite: Traveling to Lithuania/Amsterdam w/my mom and sisters. We all knew we’d never have the opportunity again.

@CindyRichards: My fave is when hubs and I were in Puerto Rico. We were the only gringos at a street performance. Wrote about it:

@kimorlando: There was a great contest by @TravelGuard last month about travel heroes- people who saved a trip.

@ionMyAdventures: Hiking through Tahoe area for 5 days, the awesome people we met, the beautiful scenery

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