Deb-XmasHanukahChristmas gets the most ink during December, but it’s not the only winter holiday. There’s Dawali (India’s festival of lights), Kwanzaa (an African-American celebration of ideals), Hanukkah and even Festivus (the Dec. 23 holiday celebrated in an iconic episode of “Seinfeld.” During our Nov. 29 Twitter party, we celebrated those non-Christmas family holiday traditions, long with the foods, the travel and the fun they entail.

Do you celebrate a winter holiday other than Christmas? Would you?

@breaduh: No, we don’t. But yes, we would.

@kimorlando: I would love to celebrate the holidays in Sweden or someplace that calls Santa St. Nick.

@DebMomOf3: Yes, celebrate Hanukah too. My dad’s family is Jewish, so I’ve always celebrated both Xmas & Hanukah.

virgin_guadalupe@kymri: We celebrate New Years – that’s a winter holiday, isn’t it?

@worldshoppe: We celebrate Xmas, Hanukkah and started celebrating Kwanzaa so the kids learn there is more to celebrations than Santa.

@cancunissafe: Candlemas is a big event in Mexico!

@cancunissafe: Epiphany or “Three Kings Day” is also very big in Mexico 🙂

@samke23: Of course, Festivus!

Do you travel over the winter holidays? Where? Why?

@lovelimes: Yes, to be with family.

@kimorlando: We do not travel during the winter holidays – too much $$ but would luv to go some place warm!

@gaynycdad: The only traveling we do is from Manhattan to Staten Island, it is like traveling light years away!

@justicecw:  Sometimes we drive to Indiana to see family but this year we will be at home

@finntannermom: No we are always out of vacation by now!

@MissingLynxx: Not much traveling in winter – hibernating 😉 Luckily family is close

@worldshoppe: We don’t travel over holidays (much as I’d like 2 + have discussed with hubby). R parents would kill us.

How do you teach your kids about other religious/ethnic celebrations?

@dmorey01: Show them by taking them to see it.

@mellanhead: That everyone is different and deserves respect, if we were all the same what fun would that be?

@finntannermom: I am agnostic but raising my kids as free thinkers we try to read them stories from all the celebrations.

@xstitchschool: They hear about them at school and from their friends.

@justineickes: Incorporate other traditions in ours. We make Diwali lamps w/paper bags + votive candles.

@blandrews13:  We answer any questions they have and let them know that not everyone celebrates the same way.

@anneatcsuite: I also have this great book from when I was a kid, Christmas in Many Lands! Love that I have something “old” to share!

@mommyniri: Tree is up and I do Diwali too. Why would anyone want to celebrate less?

What’s your dream cultural holiday vacation?

@lovelimes: I would love to go somewhere tropical and see how they celebrate the holidays.

@mnsixofus:  Going to Norway to visit dear friend and partaking in her family traditions.

@justprecious: Explore the small towns of Italy to explore local culture.

@_royalresorts  Any new culture to know & explore sounds good to me! I’d love to travel to India

@ramblingstump: I would love to take my kids to a Nouroz celebration in Iran.

@WeekendInParis: Dream Cultural Vacation already happened, went to Israel & hubby bought my diamond engagement ring 21 years ago!

What do you want others to know about your family/religious holiday traditions?

@kimorlando: Not ALL country folks eat oysters on New Year’s Day! But we do like our black eyed peas, cabbage & corned beef.

@mnsixofus: Really just that being with family and friends is important and remembering why we celebrate.

@deniselao: We party on Christmas Eve, and open the presents at midnight.

@lovelimes: That it’s about Jesus, not just presents!

@1Dad1Kid: That not everyone celebrates Christmas so sensitivity to that is greatly appreciated.

@WeekendInParis: That when we say, “Merry Christmas” we mean that we want you to share in our joy for life, even if it’s not yours.

@anneatcsuite: Our tradition is NORAD Tracks Santa. A great way for kids to watch Santa travel the globe and learn about the world!

@ramblingstump: I’d like folks to not think it’s weird that I am a 29yo who still throws carrots out for Santa’s reindeer!

What foods do you prepare for your cultural holiday?

@deniselao:  Filipino foods: lumpia, pancit, lechon, and, of course, white rice.

@lovemykeiki: We prepare a huge brunch with Portuguese traditional foods and oven pancakes with fresh fruit.

@judy511: Latkes (potato pancakes) and applesauce.

@anneatcsuite: My mom bakes nighty nights…egg white based cookies with chocolate chips. Put on aking sheet, put in oven and say “nighty night”.

@Indie_Wife: I’ve been starting my own tradition of gorilla bread for Cmas morn. I think culturally it would be the classic turkey.

@mnsixofus: Lots of candies but also pulla. It’s a Finnish sweet bread. So yummy!

@cancunissafe:  Rosca de Reyes (King’s cake) Tamales & Atole, yum!

@kimorlando: Southern cornbread stuffing, cranberry salad, choc pie and yes, I know I owe some peeps a recipe. Promise.

We’re gathering recipes here. Please share yours.

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