american_flagAmerica celebrates its independence on July 4th and we celebrated America at our June 27 Monday Night Twitter Party.What’s so great about America? Lots of stuff–from the weird to the wonderful. 


What’s the best place in America?


@MonicaAnnSmith: I love the California wine country but still have so much more to see

@janettwokay: San Francisco. You just can’t beat that San Francisco treat (which I’m eating right now, LOL!).

@marlibu: Best place in America – can’t decide would love to explore around more 🙂


What is the hardest place to get to in America but worth the trip?

@ktleen2: Rural Alaska

@500placeswkids: Big Bend National Park – out in the middle of nowhere

@CarissaRogers: Not hardest to get to, but far from anything else! Crater Lake, OR (about an hour from me!)

@mom4everandever: Love the mountains but dream of Hawaii


What is the weirdest place in America?

@rosewalker2008: I Love love love Hermosa Beach CA #Carlsbad running close second…

@lizdehart: Great Salt Lake, the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere. Also you can float in it!

@rusthawk: Mardi Gras in New Orleans can get pretty weird also


What is the coolest place in America?

@ChaoticKarma23: Disney World! It’s fun, magical, and great for families

@zebastyandylan: Iowa….driving through and seeing all the beautiful big farm houses and green land. Awesome!!

@DebMomOf3: Coolest place I’ve been recently? Arizona desert – so pretty!

@CarissaRogers: I’m dying to see Block Island (off coast of Long Island) you ferry to it, and no cars allowed, only biking. Anyone ever been?


What is the spookiest place in America?

@EarthAngel2b: Alcatraz haunted and awful history and ominous

@bobisyellow: old graveyards

@CarissaRogers: I always wanted to go to Salem, MA on Halloween. Anyone ever do that? Is it CRAZY? I’ve heard it’s so crowded can’t walk around


What’s your favorite place in America? 

@ffjewelry: NYC and Clearwater, FL

@ kimorlando: Would love to do some flatfooting in Floyd, VA

@1Dad1Kid:Pacific Northwest

@CindyRichards: Fave place in US? Wherever I am at that moment. Such a great country