kids-travelingCalifornia voters rejected a chance to bail out their state parks when they voted against Proposition 21. That proposal would have levied an $18 vehicle license surcharge in exchange for free admission to the parks for California motorists. The folks who joined our Nov. 1, 2010 Twitter Party would have said “yes” to Prop 21 because they believe that visiting state and national parks is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have.

In case you missed it, here’s the roundup. Please join us next week and every Monday at 9 pm ET for another fast-paced and fun TravelingMom Monday Twitter party.

What’s your favorite memory of a State or National Park?

@flywithbaby: Amazing views at Sedona National Park in Arizona. The rock color is stunning and water beautiful.

@doubleadventure: Fave CA state park memories: Tide pools at Crystal Cove, Elk in Prairie Creek Redwoods, panning for gold in Sutters Mill…

055Which parks are on your bucket list? Why?

@FrancescaMaz: All parks in Alaska because they’re in Alaska.

@trekaroo: All the National Parks we haven’t visited yet are on my bucket list. My goal is to get my kids to EVERY single one.

@GoBIG_GoHome: Want to go to Sequoia National Park to see the General Sherman tree, the world’s largest!

@FrancesaMaz: Mississippi Palisades State Park in my home state of Illinois.

CA’s PROP 21 would impose an annual license free for parks. Good idea or bad?

Most thought that an $18 fee is definitely worth preserving the beauty of the parks.

@pitstopsforkids: Without the tax we will have major park closures. The parks are a state legacy- need consistent funding.

@doubleadventure: Make sure that there are funds that will keep parks going and politicians CAN’T touch it

@kimorlando: Great! Fund NOW! Must protect the money though!

Are parks important to your family? Why?

Everyone had their own special reason why they love National and State parks…

@BridgetASmith: I love to see how my kids work together doing a challenging hike or finding sand crabs. Nature calms them.

@pitstopsforkids: They’re important to us because I want my kids to understand the world is bigger and older than any one person in any one time.

@TravelMamas: State Parks, National Parks and reserves are important to my family because what would the world be like without places to enjoy nature?!

When was the last time you visited a State or National Park? Where?

@TravelMamas: My family visits Torrey Pines National Reserve and State Beach at least once a month.

@travelingmoms: About three weeks ago- Rocky Mountain National Park.

@karasw: Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument near visitcos, followed by Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska- both this summer.

@doubleadventure: Huntington State Beach two weeks ago, Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs two months ago and Joshua NP in two weeks!

What’s your favorite thing to do at a State or National Park?

People really had a variety of amazing ideas to do at parks!

@AlexisfromTexas: CAMPING! Why waste those precious hours in nature shutting it out?! Also love to swim in chlorine-free water!

@GoBIG_GoHome: I only do “glamping”; no roughing it for me! I prefer day trips with a picnic, Frisbee, and lake swimming.

@doubleadventure: My favorite thing to do in a State or National Park is hike. Love to get out on foot and enjoy nature.

@CindyRichards: Fave thing to do at a State or National park: snowshoeing last winter in Door County, WI . So beautiful.

SnowshoesHow do we teach our kids to care about state parks?

@TravelMamas: Take them and discuss how to care for our world. The movie Oceans had impact on 5 yo.

@kymri: Give them a camera and a journal so they can share the experience with classmates and others.

@FrancescaMaz: As a teacher, I tried to incorporate National Parks into lessons all the time. Even designed lessons solely about National Parks.

@PureNaturalDiva: I think teaching them is part of your daily dialog. Using all life’s moments as teaching moments.

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