college_studentsKids grow up fast, and before we know it, they’re teens. But just because they’re getting older, doesn’t mean the vacations have to stop. We talked about traveling with teens at our April 4 #TMOM Monday Twitter Party. We shared the best places to take teens and debated how much input teens should have on the destination.

What’s the secret to traveling with teens?


@ramblingstump: It’s all about not immediately starting the Q&A once they’re stuck in a car with you. If they want to open up, they will.

@babkerowl: We always liked traditional games for road trips, like “I spy”, makes for better family time.

@collegevisit: Letting teens drive can be a motivator.

What’s the best place to take a teen?

@CindyRichards: The best place to take a teen: someplace with down time. I like the beach. Teens are so stressed these days…they need a break.

@campusbound: If teen is thinking about college- travel to colleges and combine education with pleasure!

@mimitravelz: Never thought I’d do this- but lately we let our kids bring friends on short trips. They’re very happy about that.

What technology does your teen take on vacay?

@KellyDeanOttawa: iPhone, laptop and music

@collegevisit: Camera. My teen always takes her camera.

@mimitravelz: During a Kauai catamaran cruise along the Napali coastline passengers marveled and teased that my teen was texting!

Should you leave a teen at home when you travel?

@WeekendInParis: Remember not wanting to be home alone- creepy–so think it’s best to have adult relative or friend of fam stay with teens.

@cruiseJess: No teens alone in my house! I wrote the book on being the MOST mischevious teen ever! No trust!

@familiesgo: Yes, but you want to cram in the family trips while they’ll let you, don’t you?

How much control should teens have over family vacay decisions?

@techmama: Teens should have input on vacations (parents make decisions)- but also way to connect with other teens

@babkerowl: Separate vacays are also a good idea…camping with dads and all girls trips too!

@RobynsWorld: I think ALL family members, regardless of age, should have input. Let everyone’s voice be heard in planning.

What’s the funniest thing you did as a teen on vacation?

@babkerowl: Road trips are certainly the best memories, the old-fashioned kind, no DVDs, no iPods…just family.

@ramblingstump: I can fall asleep anywhere. My parents have pictures of my asleep all over the country.

@KellyDeanOttawa: Rolled up the windows driving to Florida in a heat wave like other cars (Took years to realize that others had AC)

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