family_adventureHow do you make a family vacation fun for the whole family? We discussed entertaining the children during family travel at our first Aug. 1 TMOM Monday Twitter Party. Our moms shared how to entertain kids besides the pool at the hotel, rules on electronics and the most fun thing they’ve had with their kids.


How do you entertain kids under 10 when traveling?



@twokidsandamap: Whatever works! 😉 Electronics, books, scavenger hunt lists, new fun snacks!


@Chaotic_Barb: Actually my kids entertain ME when traveling


@kimorlando: I’m a HUGE fan of @AroundtheTable family games – fun conversation starters – great for roadtrips!


How do you entertain kids over 12 when traveling?


@CascadiaKids: I have an 11-year-old. She loves library books, map, DS and tormenting her brother.


@chaotic_barb: For roadtrips we use redbox a lot. Pick up in one city, drop off in another


How do you find good entertainment for kids at the hotel, besides the pool?


@geekbabe: Bringing snorkels and swim fins helps!


@twokidsandamap: I also look for things nearby-beach, nature trails, ice cream parlors within walking distance.


@kimorlando: Ask a #TMOM! And use the concierge services. They know where to eat, what to do, and how to get there.


@TeresaShaw: Go outside – see if there are nature walks, walking paths, etc. on site or nearby.


What would your kids take on vacay if you would let them?


@TeresaShaw We let our kids start packing their backpacks when they were 3. My son packed like 10 pairs of underwear!


@DebMomOf3: My Little Ponies, Littlest Petshop, Barbies.


Do you have rules about electronics when traveling? What are they?


@twokidsandamap: We limit electronic use but allow it once family time is done or during quiet time


@ColoradoMom: My rule is that we MUST have electronics. Or we’d all go into the fetal position. 😉


What is the most fun thing you have done with your kids on vacay?


@twokidsandamap: Seeing the ponies of Chincoteague, the London Eye, and all of our beach trips!


@CascadiaKids: Most fun w/kids? Gondolas at night in Venice!