babyfaceThe disastrous yet hilarious baby travel stories and the worst city names to give a child made for a funny TMOM Monday Twitter party on Sept. 19. 

What is your funniest baby travel story?

@CindyRichards: I saw a dad get in the car and leave the baby in the car seat on top! Passerby yelled and stopped him before he drove away.

@ionMyAdventures: I think just getting through TSA – car seat, stroller, kids, bags, meds is pretty funny – later!


@DebMomOf3: Being stuck in DC on weekend vacation with a baby and toddler and having our only stroller break. Took metro out to Target to buy two more. 

And of course what would a funny baby story be without a few “messy” memories…

@MamaSarahJane: My son’s diaper leaked while we were running to get a connecting flight and my MIL got soaked!!

@Mommy_to_Chris: My nephew had a “blowout” in his diaper, and we were not close to a place to pull over. Was a stinky ride!

What city name should never be a baby name?

@CindyRichards: Umm. Intercourse PA. Surprise AZ. French Lick IN. Hell MI. Need I say more

@ramblingstump: Butte, Rutland, Kissimmee, Saskatchewan, Mammoth (my husband is enjoying helping w this one), Peck, Phuket.

@LLLSummer: Okeechobee

@kristenskimom: I’ll go with Salt Lake City….too many words, too salty.

Other rough names included Pullyallup, Stoolbend and Climax Springs. We’d love to visit them, just ideally not name our kids after them.

How did you feel the 1st time you traveled without your baby?

The majority felt a combination of anxiety but relief at the same time…

@erodg: Anxious, relieved, joyful and then guilty: so much fun being a mom!

@judy511: Came home early – visceral pull

@ionMyAdventures: Anxious at first, then I was so relaxed, i had forgotten what it felt like to not have someone need you 24/7…it was good.

@LuxuryTravelMom: I felt like a lovesick teenager the first time I left my baby.

@kimorlando: Moms NEED to be given a green light by friends and significant others to rejuvenate themselves. Judging is bad for everyone!
What’s the best and worst in-car entertainment for babies?

@judy511: Tic tacs can be a rattle – until she can open it.

@StressFreeBaby: Wiggles videos would make me crazy. I loved the Baby Einstein underwater video though–Neptune I think

@JennieBaird: Best in car baby entertainment MUST CLIP to car seat or something similar! Worst: falls & gets lost!

Best safety tips for new parents traveling with babies?

@ramblingstump: Pack a childproofing kit for hotel rooms. Clothes pins for blind cords, plug covers, & cabinet child proof closures

@ToBeThode: Double check the car seat is installed properly before driving anywhere!

@AndreaGuthmann: Bring Ziplocs if you’re on plane, in case of baby blowout. Fellow passengers will be grateful not to have it stinking up bathroom

@kimorlando: Research a pediatrician & hospital NOW – no matter where you r going. Find out if they take new patients, etc. U WILL thank me!

@ArrowsSentForth: Swaddle blankets for newborns (like Kiddopatumus or Halo) are a good choice so you know they’re warm without using loose blanket

Great tips! More awesome suggestions were making copies of kid’s birth certificate and passports, swaddle blankets for newborns, getting a travel crib and taking a list of doctor’s name and phone numbers and any medications.

What’s your must pack item for travel with a baby?

@judy511: Her own crib sheet – soothing 2 her, plus washed in her soap

@CindyRichards: Must pack item: ZIPLOC bags! Lots and lots of Ziploc bags! They keep stuff dry, lock in odors and are invaluable mom/baby gear.

@arrowssentforth: A stroller or carrier so can actually get out and see all wonderful things/people/places that u left home for!

@AustinKVS: Must pack iPod w/ lullabies and mini travel speakers – great to keep out external noise in hotel!

More mommy must haves were antibacterial wipes, Tylenol, more diapers than you think and a book for the slight chance you will get some time to read.

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Photo from paparutzi via FLickr.