crowded-airportFrom learning to swim to getting a husband to travel out of the country, our TMOM Twitter partiers share high hopes for this year’s travel. Besides where we hope to go, we also shared packing resolutions and tips for making travel dreams a reality during the January 2 TMOM Monday Twitter Party.


Where do you resolve to visit in 2012? How will you make it happen?


@: I plan to visit Western New York, and I need to save money to make it happen.




@: I will be traveling to Washington D.C. in January and Utah in February. I am driving to DC and flying to Utah.


@: Vegas in May. Dallas, TX in June, and Memphis in October.


@: We are determined to figure out a way to take the kids to FL for World and Sea World! Still working on the ‘how’ part. 😉


@: I want to go to Myrtle Beach this fall. We have a saving jar, lol.


@: Chicago – by saving my pennies 🙂


@: I am hoping and planning to visit Colorado this year with my daughter. Saving up now to go at the end of the year!


What do you resolve to always pack?


@: Workout clothes.


@: Multiple pairs of underwear. We are always doing something active and hate washing it in the sink!


@: Definitely things to keep my daughter busy and occupied! Always important to be prepared for long rides or delays.


@: I need to remember the tooth brushes.


@; LESS!


@: Can’t leave home without my travel apps on my iPhone. They are a must.

: a camera, sunscreen and comfy shoes


What travel resolution do you keep making but have never kept? Why not?


@: I need to do something completely opposite from the norm. Ride a coaster, go zip lining, ADVENTURE!!


Cruise vacation@: Cruise; no particular destination yet.


@: Saving! After being inspired, removing the negativity surrounding me and leading my own story. I’m finally doing it!


@: Learn 2 swim – afraid of water


@: I resolve EVERY year to travel with BFFs but feel guilty b/c traveled for work a lot. Then time marches on..


@; We keep meaning to visit family and never do


@: To spend less on trips…


What can you do this year to keep your travel resolutions?


@: Watch those FF miles, and don’t let them expire!


@: Finish getting caught up on bills so I can start to save money for vacay. Look for travel deals and other opportunities.


@: Be realistic.


@: I already have the plans for DC and Utah, but I need to save for the cruise. Hopefully my house will sell.


@: Budget, Budget, Budget!


@: Keep my current job; it’s only temporary for 3 to 4 months.


@: Be open to adventure.


What travel resolution do you wish your significant other had?


@: I wish my husband thought a vacation was something besides just visiting his parents. I need a real vacation!


@: To like sand more. Until then he is still Sand Hater.


@: I wish he wanted to leave the country as much as I do. I have been out of the U.S. many times, he hasn’t

@: To go back to Mexico and relax in the sand.


@: I wish he would resolve to travel more, period. I’ll keep working on him about it. 🙂


@: To take more time off work.


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