happy_familyRandom acts of kindness and good manners can make a good day a great one, and they can make a vacation memorable. We discussed travel heros, kindness and etiquette at our Aug. 1 TMOM Monday Twitter Party. What acts of kindness have you experienced in travel? How about giving a friend $1,000 to travel with you or rescuing strangers from the pouring rain?


What random act of kindness made your vacay memorable?



@youngmommy: we have been blessed to have perfect strangers treat us so kindly, when out and about, quite often


@bobisyellow:  pay parking for the person behind you


@maryheston: When people are nice to my children along the way it makes our trip special


Have you ever been a travel hero?


@myweeview: I gave my friend $1000 voucher I won that night to meet us in Hawaii


@kimorlando:  I was flying alone & helped a woman next to me with crying baby. Turned out her bro & my DH went to High school together.


@CindyRichards: I’ve helped a lot of lost travelers find their way around Chicago. Does that count?


Do you know any moms who were heros on the road?


@TravelGuard: ANY mom who can plan the vacation, coordinate the vacation and keep everyone happy ON vacation


@CindyRichards: My mom was always a hero on the road. She spent every road trip riding backwards tending to bro and me.


@WorldTravelMom: All of us moms driving with crying babies in the backseat who get to destinations safely w/o wrecking other cars are heroes!


Has travel insurance ever come in handy when traveling with your kids?


@youngmommy:  Never purchased travel insurance when traveling, but will when we go abroad (someday)


@marlibu: I’ve heard stories and seen it first hand. I work in the hospital. Travel insurance is a great thing!


@maryheston: I always have insurance when traveling with kids. Too many things can go wrong – insurance gives me one less thing to worry about!


@TravelGuard: Children are free on lots of policies.


What do you teach your kids about good travel etiquette?


@sunnee63: If you’re traveling in a foreign speaking country, try to learn some simple words – please/thank you/hello.


@TeresaShaw: We remind then that manners go on vacation too – clean up after ourselves, say please and thank you, etc.


@ConnieFoggles: The same as good ettiguette as at home and in public, only much better. Like no seat kicking!

Has anyone saved your trip? Who and what happend?


@CarissaRogers: BARB IS the travel hero of my story! She let me stay in the guest bed when stranded.


@familyonbikes:  A family rescued us from the pouring rain one day in New Jersey – invited us to stay the night in the their house.


@tammera111: We asked a local for directions and he charged us $1 LOL we also gave him a banana…


@maryheston: Left our suitcases on side of road and began to drive away – Travel Hero chased us down and gave us our bags.