Airport_sreeningSeptember 11th is a date that carries so much meaning for Americans. The tragedy that devasted so many brought unity to our country and forever changed the way we travel. 


How did 9/11 affect you?


@multitaskingme: It made me more aware of my country and our vulnerability, made me value freedom.


@kimorlando: When I fly I usually think of the passengers who were on board that day.


@DebMomOf3: We weren’t directly affected, but had a 5-month old baby (our first) and knew the world would never be the same for her.


What’s your biggest travel fear?


@harmonicmama: Bed bugs! With the rise in bed bugs in various cities this is on my mind in every hotel!


@judy511: car crash


@kimorlando: I have a weird fear of driving off a bridge with my kids in the car.


How has your travel changed in the last 10 years?


@judy511: For a short time, hubby and I took seperate flights.


@KellyDeanOttawa: I travel more often now.


@kimorlando: I travel lighter and much more alert.


Will you travel on 9/11/11?


@MaricrisG: I would if I have to. The stigma of that date shouldn’t be a cause for fear.


@DebMomOf3: No, don’t have anything planned. I am flying to NYC on 9/15 though for one night


@scentednights: It’s probably as safe as any other day.


What are your contingency plans for travel emergencies?


@Glennia: American Express has a number you can call from anywhere in the world.


@MaricrisG: I guess it would depend on what emergency it is. BUT I usually bring bandages, hand-sanitizers and wipes.


@StayAdventurous: Wow I keep a safety hundred, not sure that lasts three days.


How are you handling the 9/11 anniversary with your kids?


@StayAdventurous: It is not something I need to worry about this year, but it will be interesting when it’s also daddy’s b-day.


@DebMomOf3: Not sure yet, we’ll need to think about that and decide. The older two girls are old enough to understand now (10 and 8).


@judy511: Going to the memorial.