bikingTraveling gets a bad rap from environmentalists, who point out– rightly so–that airplanes leave a big carbon footprint. But a family vacation can be green and traveling is always a good way to teach kids about the world.

Participants in our April 11 #TMOM Monday Twitter Party shared their best tips for traveling green, their favorite places on Earth, and ways to help our kids appreciate and cherish the Earth, which we all will celebrate on Earth Day, April 22.

What’s your favorite place on Earth?

@TeresaShaw: Gotta be Michigan- so much to do here with the Great Lakes plus so many parks and of course the sports teams!


@zwei2go: My favorite place on earth is Lucerne, Switzerland.

@CindyRichards: My fave place on Earth is my hometown, Chicago. I love everything about it but January, February and March.

How can travelers help hotels and destinations be more green?

@TeresaShaw: I think travelers need to demand more green features, such as recycling in hotels.

@ramblingstump: Be aware. Ask about recycling. Reuse towels. Walk to local restaurants- no driving. Turn off lights and TV.

@CindyRichards: I think it’s important to congratulate those that do it well (recycling, etc) and gently urge those that don’t to get started

@DebMomof3: Ask them to be more green! If enough people make it a priority, they’ll listen.

Which eco-friendly place would you like to go with your kids?

@kimorlando: Galapagos.

@CindyRichards: I’d love to see any natural wonder—Galapagos, Everglades, Serengeti Plaines—before they disappear.

How do you teach your kids to be green when you travel?

@BtrVacationRent: I try to bring reusable shopping bags and leave them behind in vacation rentals. Otherwise like home.

@ShutterTours: Get them to walk! It’s green plus puts you in contact with the place you’re visiting.

@CindyRichards: We may be traveling, but we still have to turn off lights, recycle and reuse, just as we would at home.

@TeresaShaw: Same as at home- recycle, throw away trash, don’t take more than you need, etc.

How do you reduce your carbon footprint when you travel?

@BtrVacationRent: We rent apts or hotels within public transit when going to cities and do not rent cars.

@CindyRichards: We walk. A lot. It’s the best way to see a place.

@shuttertours: Eat local food! Go to Farmers Markets and restaurants that use local ingredients.

What’s your number one tip for traveling greener?

@judy511: Ride a bike.

@cwilson82985: Take reusable bags for clothes or goodies you buy.

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