family-at-beachSpring Break is getting a makeover this year with crazy weather across the U.S., gas prices through the roof and everyone on a strict budget. We spoke all about our spring break plans at the March 5 Monday Night Twitter Party.

Our moms shared their ways for actually getting a break on spring break and what amazing things to do they have right near their homes. We also laughed about the places we’d never go for spring break such as the mothers-in-law, cold locations and any place swarming with drunk college kids.

Do you normally travel for spring break or stick around home? Why?

@meNtheguys: Our anniversary is around then so we usually do a trip for us.

@TTmamaTT: I normally travel during spring break because the weather is really nice.


@CreateWithJoy1:Even when we don’t plan big trips, it’s nice to plan some day trips and do something fun!

@inkscrblr: We travel at thrifty off season times, not peak March break.

@rkosully: We usually stay nearby–the partying college students get old fast in “hotspots”.

@CarissaRogers:We’re goin’ halfsies– half staycation (one night in local hotel WITH POOL!) and then later in week couple nights in Sacramento.

How have gas prices affected your spring break plans?

@WeightWars1: I think I can afford a trip to the Dollar Store. 🙁

@BeADreamaker: Gas prices have held me back on a small trip I wanted to make to the Arkansas Diamond Mine.

@abbebrown: We’ve learned to plan our trips carefully so we don’t waste gas.

@judy511:Not at all – usually fly, take train.

@ConnieFoggles: Well we live close to Disney, but even if we didn’t, we’d travel somewhere on Spring Break. So, no!

What’s fun and fabulous to do in your local area for spring break?

@dreamfishing:We have great camping and hiking areas with waterfalls! Canoeing is fun too!

@BeADreamaker:Arkansas has beautiful scenery. Folks Shows and crafts are at several locations. We have a public diamond mine.

@ddigerati:The BEACH!!! Bring a picnic basket and something to read. Plus I know the best beaches for free parking!

@kimorlando: The Island Beach ferry runs Memorial Day to Labor Day in Greenwich CT: 40 minutes round trip. It’s relaxing, gorgeous and $8.

@meNtheguys:We live in the mountains, so we have a great sliding rock, hiking trails, and water parks.

What’s your best ‘off the beaten path’ spring break idea?

@brysboo: Hmmm…Pine Mountain, GA – camping

@GratefulHoops: We’re gonna head to the mountains and do some gold panning 🙂

@ChaCha572:Visiting wineries or artisan cheese shops in eastern Ohio.

@blondefabulous: Little known museums, tours, and tourist attractions.

@themeparkmom: Best off the beaten path spring break? St. Louis! Lodging and food costs less in the Midwest + many free cultural institutions there.

@maryheston: Visit friends you haven’t seen in awhile – People don’t usually tour their own home town and its fun for them to be tour guides.

Where’s the place you’d NEVER go on spring break? Why not?

@GratefulHoops:Anywhere in FL, too many college kids!

@CatherineBuell:I would never go anywhere cold. Why after a miserable winter would I want it colder? My hubs wants to try Alaska

@candacki:Wherever it would be the busiest– Florida, Hawaii, etc.!

@kymnasium: Mother in laws lol

@Countrypooh: Las Vegas

@StressFreeBaby:NYC. What’s the point? Spring break is about toes in the sand to me.

How do you get a ‘break’ during spring break?

@ddigerati: Any time I can sit or lounge somewhere with the kids preoccupied (pool/beach) and I don’t have to talk to anyone is divine!

@CiaoMom:A babysitter and an appt for a massage at a spa.

@christielomb:I try to put my kids in a few days of camps so I can have a little down time at home!

@kjmaje: Look for discounts, or try win a trip! 🙂

@meNtheguys: Send the kids the grandma’s???!!!

@MOM4EVEREVER: Go somewhere without electronics.