dycker-heights-spooky-houseWould you sleep in a haunted hotel? Take a ghost tour? Or it is scary enough when you check into a regular hotel to find the bar has already closed?

We debated all other questions during a rousing Halloween edition of our regular #TMOM Monday night Twitter party. Read on to relive the fun and join us next week when we talk great kid pix and give away more than $500 worth of cool stuff in a party sponsored by Fisher-Price. RSVP here to be entered to win.



Where is the spookiest place you have visited or want to visit?


@: The Myrtles plantation home in St. Francisville, La.


@: Spookiest place – Definitely chapel of the bones in Rome. EWWWW!


@: I’d like to go to Sleepy Hollow


@: I stayed at a hotel at Cedar Point that is old and is said to be haunted.


@: I thought Rose Hall in Jamaica was pretty spooky. Eeek.


@: Would like to visit Salem, MA someday. Not at Halloween tho



What’s the scariest thing that ever happened to you on a trip?


@: Not spooky scary but I got deathly ill on travel once and ended up spending 3 days in the hospital.


@: Scariest thing to happen on a trip – my 2.5 year old walked away from in at a festival and out of site for 7 minutes.


@: Robbed while sleeping on train in Europe. But passports were left.


@: Driving on an oceanside road in Maine and my vision suddenly blurred. Luckily my 2 boys were in car, and I got it off road.


Those are some scary experiences! And we have a few more equally frightening events…


@: Forgot my makeup bag!!!


@: Got to a hotel at 10 to find the bar had already closed. Does that count?


Where is the best ghost tour?


@: Colonial Williamsburg


@: I had an awesome ghost tour in Gettysburg, PA last year for Halloween.


@: The ghost tours in New Orleans, La are fun! Especially at night.


@kimorlando: Savannah has lots of ghost tours


@: There are some tours that takes us aboard a haunted ship.


@: Spooky World


Would you stay in a haunted hotel? Why or why not?


@: Never, it would be like The Shining.


@: No way. I like to SLEEP in a hotel not worry.


@: Nohow, noway! (I’d be afraid I’d have a heart attack!)

But we do have some very brave tweeters that would be up for the challenge…


@: I’d stay in a “haunted hotel” if I was with others that would be okay and ride it out. I don’t need any jokers with me!


@:  I would try it. Myself with husband. Not with my kids. They’d lose their minds. The neighbor scares them.

Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you want to?


@: No and only if it was my grandma.


@: No and no!!


@: I think I did when I was a kid….freaky!


@: I have felt a presence around me before but never explored it to ask and be seen.


@: Yes, in my attic, and my mom her one in the basement Saturday night!


What’s the scariest thing you ever ate on vacation?


@: Crickets in Mexico, but they were kinda tasty!


@: Rattlesnake during a trip to Arizona. YIKES!


@: Salted Lard 😀


@: Mystery (think mayo) salads at my aunt’s houses in KY.


@: Frog legs, I just can’t do it. I cried. I felt so bad for eating the poor frog.


@: Escargot!


@: Forest bats, squirrels and wild pigeon.