xmas_morningHoliday shopping is on everyone’s mind during this time of year. You’re  trying to figure out the perfect gift to give, but what about the best gift for the world? We talked about fair trade and shopping locally at our December 13 Monday Night Twitter Party.

Our Twitterers shared their opinions on fair trade, and we even had a few people change their minds on the subject. We also heard some great holiday shopping tips, and what our tweeters really want from Santa.

What’s your best holiday shopping tip?


@TravelingMoms: Shop throughout the year- watch clearance racks and for good deals when you see them.

@ramblingstump: Make sure you make a list first with how much you’re spending on each person. It helps to keep stuff in check!

@nola727: Regift! Ha- no seriously- Shop Goodwill through the year for special items you could never afford otherwise.

@mom4everandever: Buy what I need to online usually- hate the stores.

Do you buy locally when you travel? Where? For What?

@ramblingstump: Love to visit Madison, some great items there! Also VT is home to some great artists. If at home I use etsy with their local tool.

@judy511: I like to buy local food- love to go to grocery stores.

@kymri: I also prefer to buy from street vendors instead of stores when I travel, unique treasures are best.

Do you buy Fair Trade goods made by women? Would you?

@ramblingstump: Nothing better than supporting other moms who may not be as blessed as I am.

@kymri: We only buy Fair Trade Coffee in our house!

@CindyRichards: Yes, at 10,000 Villages in my town. Always lovely and affordable.

@kimorlando: I have not bought fair trade items. Thought they would be too expensive but now I know not true. Buying for my BFF tonight.

Have you visited Ghana, South Africa, Indonesia, Bangladesh? Would you?

@PureNaturalDiva: I would, but not sure Dude would go for it.

@CindyRichards: Haven’t visited any of those countries, but would love to.

@BtrVacationRent: Went to South Africa a year ago with my 16-year-old daughter. Absolutely would go to all those countries.

Do you get “off the beaten path” when you travel? What have you seen?

@judy511: I try to sneak behind the scenes

@ramblingstump: I saw bison in Kentucky, the Mustard Museum in WI, and the Spam Museum in MN. Does that count?

@DebMomOf3: Yes, always love to get out and explore! Walked all over NYC on my own when there over the summer.

@kymri: Oh yes. I love getting lost in street markets and stopping in rural villages.

Sounds like awesome adventures to me!

What’s your secret Santa wish this season?

@kimorlando: Wishing you ALL buy Fair Trade and tell at least 1 friend about it before the week is done.

@collegevisit: To go back to San Francisco this summer

@ChaoticKarma23: A honeymoon with hubby before baby girl is born.

@BtrVacationRent: World peace? I’m going to Hawaii and my family will be there so I got my wish 10x.

Please join us again next week for another rousing TMOM Monday Twitter party.

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