romanceRomance is one of those things that can get lost once you have kids—like getting a decent night’s sleep and going to the bathroom alone. And those sexy romantic trips you remember from your BC (Before Children) days? Fugetaboutit when you’re travel with kids.

But, as we learned on our Sept. 9 #TMOM Monday Twitter party, romantic travel is still possible. It just takes some creativity. Separate rooms are great, but if you’re motivated, even a closet will do.

Where are the most romantic places in the world?
@LuxuryTravelMom I don’t think men care. As long as they get romance, they don’t care if it’s in Brooklyn or Belize 

@MyBitsandBleeps: Maui and yes I’ve been there- was proposed to there.


@parenting: Any place the kids aren’t drooling on me.

@thegeekwife: Italy, the South Pacific and the Caribbean are very romantic.

@MiaMaloneDesign: You know, at this very moment I’d much rather have a day alone than a romatic one!

What are the most romantic places near you?

@LuxuryTravelMom Right now my closet is most romantic place near me, only place we can get away from the kids.

@snhamlett: Most romantic place near us would Chateau Elan in North Georgia.

@WorldTravelMom: We live near the water and D.C. so lots of romantic places…Annapolis definitely!

@karasw: I fell in love with hubs in a tent on the side of the Colorado River in Moab. Romance is a state of mind.

@MVCTravel: Maybe point is to find romance when and where you can. If you can’t get to Belize, maybe local will do.

Who is the most romantic traveler you know?

@tammera111: Definitely my Sweetie, He picks me wild flowers whenever we take a trip…most beautiful bouquets.

@mellanhead: My fiancé because he likes to find romantic things to do.

@LLLSummer: My husband cause he always thinks of me first and makes sure the hotel has a jacuzzi tub.

Is romantic travel important?

@twokidsandamap: Travel (or dinner) without kids reminds me I can still talk to my husband about things outside of the kids, and I still like him!

@mommytravels: When you are parents it is important to have time away to stay connected!

@WorldTravelMom: Just as much as SOLO Travel! For reconnection – with spouse and with self.

@CindyRichards: Is romantic travel important? Only if you want to stay married.

What’s the secret to creating romance on a family vacation?

@CarissaRogers: We often get a two-room, for space and for SPACE!

@twokidsandamap Is it wrong that after booking suites I thought that having kids that are heavy sleepers might help? 😉

@kevinbe1: Try to find a way to get some alone time as a couple. Maybe a resort that has kids activities to get them away for a while

@thegeekwife: The secret is finding time away just the two of you, or if you can’t do that creating special moments just the two of you

@mom2nine I love it when our kids groan and say, “Get a room!”

@ramblingstump The goal is to gross out the kids. Particularly if they’re teens.

@kimorlando: Not expecting too much! Hard to mix the two.

What is your romantic travel fantasy?

@parenting Wine without whining. Pool without drooling. Sex without texting.

@judy511 Brad Pitt. No, no, glamping in AK w/hubby.

@LuxuryTravelMom Marky Mark. In Paris.

@4hatsandfrugal: Vacation on an island w/ a hut over the waters and room service galore! A place like Bora Bora lol

@TheTattooedType: No kids, wine, good food, Hubs, the tub and me!

@ChaCha572: The mountains with a hot tub or Hawaii with a waterfall.

@snhamlett No one calling mamma and a chance for a little grown up fun without the possibility of intruders (wink)

@AustinKVS Oooh, you said “fantasy” and I got a little excited. As I sit on the couch watching football. 🙂

@LuxuryTravelMom Just asked hubby if he cared about romantic travel. All he wanted to know was whether or not he would get lucky.

@ramblingstump Only thing husbands hear when you say romantic travel is “hotel sex.”

@LuxuryTravelMom: Husband is circling wondering when Twitter
party is over….has eyes on closet.