family-beach-vacationA family vacation is often described as fun, necessary or relaxing, but how often can we describe it as perfect? We chatted all about our perfect family getaways at the February 6 Monday night Twitter Party, and we found out our TravelingMoms dream big. According to our tweeters, perfect hotel children menus are filled with more options including international, spicy, and healthy choices. We also described the perfect cruise, hotel, and kid’s club and debated if readers deserve to know if a writer’s trip was comped for a review. Read the tweets below:

In a perfect world, what would a family vacation hotel offer?

@Mom2Winnie: Rooms with enough beds for everyone and some rooms with 2 bathrooms.

@kevinbe1: A separate space in the room for the kids! We went to a hotel once that had their own area, and it was terrific!


@dipaolamomma: Treat the kiddos as valued guests too. Maybe a kiddie check-in, replete with juice and a small welcome gift?

@MOM4EVEREVER: Pool, gym game room, close to food.

@diamondslady812: Unlimited alcohol and babysitting service.

@miasinc: A free stocked frig, affordable suites, two bathrooms, and a pool with underwater music.

What would be on the perfect hotel and restaurant kids’ menu?

@judy511: Spicy veggie food – think ethnic.

@lifeinthebatcav: Something in addition to chicken fingers please!

@familytravel4um: Varied, fresh and healthy. Local, new tastes.

@Mom2Winnie: A variety of foods that are offered to ALL kids not 10 and under.

@sweetmatcha: Some international flavors would be nice, like Indian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish foods.

@miasinc: Healthy great tasting vegetable and fruit smoothies, fresh, natural food disguised as junk food.

What would be offered in a perfect hotel kids’ club?

@blondefabulous: Activities that get them up and moving! Vacays are exciting and my kids always have energy to spare even when I don’t!

@Mom2Winnie: Activities for teens can be hard so definitely more teen activities.

@kimorlando: Something that screams LOCAL CULTURE.

@miasinc: I would like a portable video monitor so I can see how my kids are being treated by the staff.

@judy511: Hikes, biking, swim instruction.

@kristy_campbell: I’ve yet to meet a kids club I like. How about family clubs where we do activities together…without me planning.

@Mompreneurs_E: Think teens would LOVE top chef type competitions.

@kevinbe1: Plenty of activities that both challenge the kids and educate them!

How would you rank cost, safety, health, fun, convenience in terms of importance in trip planning? Why?

@Mom2Winnie: It has to be safe, so that doesn’t factor in the cost at all!

@lifeinthebatcav: Wish cost was never an object, but this is often at the top of the list. Followed by FUN of course!

@kevinbe1: Safety always one of the biggest concerns. I like knowing I can leave my kids with others and not have to worry

@judy511: Cost is key.

@miasinc: Safety, fun, cost , fun, health, fun, convenience.

@blondefabulous: Health and safety come first always. Traveling with kids who have a chronic health issue makes this priority #1!

What makes a perfect family cruise vacation?

@CindyRichards: A perfect family cruise vacay means taking the whole family. Luckily, I am blessed with great in-laws.

@FoodieCityMom: Age appropriate child care (to give parents a break!) is key!

@OmniHotelsPR: I think a cruise that offers a multi-generational environment providing fun for the entire family would be just perfect for all.

@judy511: Activities for all, soundproof bed in room for parents to…

@kimorlando: The family dinners at the end of the day made our cruise the best. WE tried new foods had fun with our waiter.

@kevinbe1: Lots of things for the kids to do, both on ship and off ship!

Do you want to know if your review was written by someone who was comped? Why?

@ionMyAdventures: Yes, it carries more weight when I know where people are coming from.

@CindyRichards: As the compee, I admit it. I think everyone else should too. And so does the FTC, BTW.

@jillyrh: As long as they post a disclaimer at the end I don’t think it matters.

@kevinbe1: Yes, full disclosure is very important to me! I like to know true, honest feelings.

@sweetmatcha: Yes, I think reviews by comped people are sketchy.

@blondefabulous: Yes. Comped reviewers sometimes get better treatment. Not their fault.

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