BeachBetween figuring out who pays for what and how to make everyone happy, a multigenerational family vacation family can be more work than play. But a multigenerational family vacation also can be the most treasured memories a family can share.

During our May 9 #TMOM Monday Twitter party, we shared tips and stories about traveling with kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  

Where have you traveled with extended family?

@monben: My parents have Marriot Vacation Club in Phuket. Score! Fancy resort on beautiful island and free babysitting.


@RestlesstoRoam: Went to Hawaii with cousins when teenagers…came home fearing heights and Austrian boys

@GoBIG_GoHome: We had a reunion for about 50 on my mom’s side of the family at Disney World. Everyone was happy, naturally!

What’s your No. 1 tip for traveling with extended family?

@LorraineTravels: Plan time apart. We sightsee together in morning, kids and I swim in the afternoon while grandparents do their thing, then dinner together

@treetrout1: No. 1 tip for multigen travel: Don’t overschedule. Everyone moves at own pace, needs downtime and rest.

@twokidsandamap: When parents/in-laws pay for the trip or part of it, there are ALWAYS strings attached.

Who is the high maintenance traveler in your family?

@DanielleLeitch: It’s not high maintenance- more like desiring and deserving the best

@loucheryl: My mother and MIL. BUT if we travel with both of them, they cancel each other out! There’s the ticket!

@theculturemom: I’m more high-maintenance than my husband but he’s as low as it gets.

family_adventureWhat’s the funniest moment you shared during a multigen trip?

@twokidsandamap: Not funny at time but hilarious now! One family member left another at a rest stop and called us to turn and get said family member.

@cloud10277: My son rolling over for the first time at the condo in FL. We made a game into getting him to do it again!

@CindyRichards: When we lost Aunt Joan in Cancun. She needed “me” time and didn’t tell anyone. Funny now. Wasn’t then.

Who should pay when everyone travels together?

@LorraineTravels: My parents get the plane tickets and I get the hotels. I can find nice hotels for cheap. Dad finds cheap hotels for cheap.

@diamondslady812: FIL insists when we travel with them. When we travel with other families we split the bill.

@DanielleLeitch: I like picking up tab for fam if possible, esp if it means we can all be together (and go where I like to stay/eat…heehee)

How do you ensure everyone is still friends when you come home?

@twokidsandamap: Have definite expectations before trip and take a long break from each other after to remain friends!

@kimorlando: Send everyone pix of the fun stuff. Keep the sourpuss pix to yourself- for a while.

@momfluential: Our family doesn’t really get over travel drama so well.

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