80964 hollywood signDid the movie “Mama Mia” inspire you to visit Greece or did “Eat, Pray, Love” make you want eat pasta in Italy? You are not alone. Whether they’re inspiring us to take a vacation or we’re watching them during travel, movies are a huge part of exploring the world around us.That’s exactly why we devoted our Feb. 27 Monday Night Twitter Party to the topic. We debated if we should go to the movies during vacation and pay for in-flight movies. We also shared our favorite travel movies and which inspired us for our own real life adventure.

What’s your favorite travel themed movie?
@poshbrood: “When Stella Got Her Groove Back”

@RoundHillResort “Hugo” and “Chocolat” = Paris and France.

@MOM4EVEREVER: There are a lot but favorite is National Lampoons, just because we all can relate to car trips.

@soulfliesfree: An old favorite is Out of Africa. My mom would watch it over and over again.

@TeresaShaw: French Kiss makes me want to move to France and start a vineyard!

@WeightWars1: If you want to go really old school, Casablanca!

@CreateWithJoy1: I know! Romancing The Stone – GREAT adventure in those movies!

Great picks!

Are inflight movies important? Would you pay extra for service?
@marlibu: I love inflight movies. They make the time go quicker.

@soulfliesfree: I flew on a flight where each person had their own TV it was so awesome. I loved it!

@stblissout: If it’s a long flight…yes! Yes, I would especially if my mobile device loses battery power 🙂

But the other half would never pay for it…

@judy511: No – I hate when my kids can see R-rated movies on plane.

@DebMomOf3: Nope, never watch them. I would rather read or knit. If I want a movie, I’d bring one on my laptop.

@CarissaRogers: I like to read on planes and SLEEP, so if the movie isn’t free, no, not for me! I’d sure like free wifi on planes though!

Do you buy movie soundtracks? Which ones are great for road trips?
@CreateWithJoy1: Yes although its been awhile. I like soundtracks are energetic and keep me pumped and awake!

@Candypo: I like soundtracks. I can really belt them out… The Bodyguard…

@kjmaje: My kids love “The Jungle Book” soundtrack! We listen to it in the car all the time! lol

@DebMomOf3: Our road trip music lately is always Kidzbop… Know more of those versions of songs than the originals, lol!

@weekittyone: I love the soundtracks for The Sound of Music and West Side Story–could listen ad infinitum!

@ivansmom60: I buy some if I like the artist. I did get Purple Rain and Beauty and the Beast.

Have you ever taken a trip because a movie made a place look so good?
@tammera111: Yes, I wanted to go to Astoria Oregon after I saw The Goonies. 🙂 Yes it was worth it. Fun Trip!

@Candypo: Went to Seattle! =) LOVED IT! Thank you Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

@nancyberk: My Mediterranean cruise was inspired by Mama Mia. Amazing vacay.

@rkosully: I wanted to go to Maine to see places in The Cider House Rules (though many were in the Berkshires)

@mellanhead: If I hadn’t already been to Vegas The Hangover would have made it look fun.

@ivansmom60: Finally made it to the Grand Canyon. Every western I saw that showed it made it a place I wanted to go.

Which of this year’s nominees inspire you to travel?
@tammera111:Hugo has got my interest. I want to go see the Eiffel Tower.

@Byrdy1999: The Iron Lady…want to go to England..but then again always did.

@judy511: The Descendants – Hawaii. Aulani.

@dreamfishing: Midnight in Paris…Would be really cool if we could go back in time like he did..

@allierose: I liked all of the clips shown in the International film segment. Also, Sandra Bullock speaking Chinese got me thinking too!

@Candypo: The Help makes me want to steer clear of Alabama… LOL

What is your rule on going to the movies while on vacation?
@CreateWithJoy1: Don’t do it! Vacations are for doing things you can’t do at home!

@mellanhead:We don’t. It is time to spend together.

@seemummyjuggle: I’ve never been to a movie while on vacation. The movies are about escaping from reality. When on vacation I’m already doing that.

Of course there are always exceptions….

@MOM4EVEREVER:Only if its totally boring or special run or event.

@judy511Have gone for the AC. Best – we were only ones laughing at Annie Hall in Paris.

@CiaoMom: Would rather have family game time. Movies only if we are at the beach or skiing, and it is pouring down rain.