familypicnicWhether it was an African Safari, trying new, local foods or meeting Ryan Seacrest in an elevator, we’ve all had memorable and meaningful travel experiences. We also learn that the simple moments give us memorable, meaningful travel – laughing with friends, spending time with the people we love, new experiences and learning about the world and ourselves.

We talked all about this at our October 24 TMOM Monday Night Twitter Party. Not only did our tweeters tell us their most meaningful moments, they’ve also shared ways to bridge the generation gap while traveling and how their families have been inspired by travel.

What makes a family vacation meaningful?


@poshbrood: When I can sleep in, have a margarita on the beach at noon while we make sandcastles together and not have to worry about dishes.

@allierose: Wherever we are, our meaningful vacation includes things like the collectibles. Ex: visit a national park, collect a stamp.

@tiffany053p: NO COOKING!!!!

@cafeyak: Exploring the country together (and the world in the future).

@tracievan: When everything goes as planned or most everything….LOL

@zebastyandylan: I would also say learning something new about each other!

@kevinbe1:  I think it’s also good to let the kids have a say in what we do on vacation, so it gives extra meaning to them

How has family inspired or changed your family for the better?

@LorraineTravels: Great educational experiences…When they studied Puerto Rico at school, my kids had been there.

@petritiasylves: Travel inspires us to spend more time together as a family and also have fun together

@velomomjen:  Travel(esp. world travel) reminds us our place in the world and all there is to learn & be appreciative of


@allierose: Best fam vacations are the ones close to home. Learn about the sites around you. Great parks, access to beaches within 2 hours.


@rsmstahley:  You learn more about each other when there are no distractions. Vacations bring families closer


How does food play a part in creating an outstanding vacation?


@allierose: Love finding a food place that the locals rave abt and is found word of mouth. chitchat is a skill to be taught


@JamieCasolari: We buy local favorites at the farm markets then prepare in our condo kitchen.


@poshbrood: Those special travel indulgences & delicacies of the region to savor, like cheese in France, pasta in Italy are so important!


@NeilZabka918: I love trying food that I would never have tried if I wasn’t on vacation


@zebastyandylan: It can be a lot of fun and a great memory when it is something like the character meals at Disney!!


Who is the most memorable person you’ve met while traveling?


@mtnmamatales: the pope!


@MOM4EVEREVER: One of the actors from Lord of the Rings- I have pictures because he sat with us and talked and talked.


@tomboybc: I traveled to see my moms real mother as was adopted from Nova Scotia


@rusthawk: New Orleans locals! 🙂


@JamieCasolari: We met a Native American Guide in Sedona, who taught us so much history from the NA perspective.


@poshbrood: Rode elevator with @RyanSeacrest at @ThePeninsulaNYC w/ kids wet from pool. He was so nice- kids thought he was @justinbieber ‘s Dad!

How can travel bridge the generation gap?


@tomboybc: It can bridge the gap because there is never an age too old or too young to travel and bond and laugh together.


@cafeyak: I like re-discovering the world through my kids’ eyes.


@Cleverlychangin: I think travel also helps everyone have a chance to learn what makes each other happy. Activities should be varied.


@allierose: With my son, I take him to places I went to with my grandparents as a kid. i.e. Stoney MTN, Lookout Point, TN


@MamaSarahJane: Experiencing new things is awesome no matter what age you are!


What is the most meaningful experience you have had on a trip?


@allierose: Eastern shore MD. flying kites with a visiting friend.


@MamaSarahJane: For my husband’s grandparent’s 50th anniversary, took a family trip to Cape Cod.


@petritiasylves: I had a memorable experience of visiting the Taj Mahal and was in tears to know the true meaning of love.


@hzeh818: We have not been many places or too far, but just getting the chance to go somewhere is meaningful for us.


@tomboybc: Most meaningful experience was a the trip to Mexico with my girlfriend and son this past March first time to Canada.


@downshiftingPOS: Easy to answer: South African Safari + 5 days in Cape Town, SA for our 15th wedding anniversary. UNFORGETTABLE!


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