mardigrasbeads There’s much to love about Mardi Gras, including colorful costumes, flavorful food, fun parades, and a rich history. That’s why we dedicated our Feb. 20 Monday Night Twitter Party to Mardi Gras.

It turns out, there are plenty of great places our moms want to celebrate Mardi Gras besides New Orleans, and there has been a lot of changes to celebrations since kids have came into the picture. Just because our tweeters are mostly moms, doesn’t mean there wasn’t a wild side to the party. Our moms are talking hurricanes, men dressed as babies, outlandish costumes, and  the craziest thing they would do or have done for beads. You might just be surprised…
Paczski or King Cake? Do you even know what a Paczski is? What’s so great about it?
@tiffany053p: I have no clue what that is, but I love me some king cake, especially the pecan praline!
@rusthawk: I’m sticking with cream cheese king cake made in south Louisiana 🙂
@guitargirlut: King cake– I have no clue what Paczski is.
@BridgetteLA: I actually did a post on my top 5 places to get a King Cake! Most of them ship!
@miasinc: I’m Polish and I love PACZSKI. Tomorrow is Paczski Day in Hamtramck, MI.
@DebMomOf3: I know what a paczski is – always a big deal around here and bakeries are sold out!
What’s the craziest Mardi Gras costume you’ve ever seen?
@tiffany053p: Craziest was a woman spray painted as a tiger, no clothes on, just spray painted!
@rusthawk: Men dressed in diapers with pacifiers ……yes, tis true (in groups!)
@thienkim: Craziest Mardi Gras costume are the half naked ones. Seriously. The bigger the you know what, the bigger the beads.
@maryheston: See my prego friend decked out in feathers at #MardiGras. We accidentally found ourselves there
How have you celebrated Mardi Gras since you had kids?
@StressFreeBaby:  Um…PG rated now.
@a_biro:  We still don’t celebrate it much up here in the northwest. Bummer!
@CindyRichards: My Mardi Gras celebration hasn’t changed at all since I had kids. Lame before. Lame now
@thienkim: My kids have never been in Louisiana during Mardi Gras. They’ve never experienced it. One day we’ll take them there!
@twokidsandamap: Mine have changed drastically. Now-parades during the day, no more all-nighters and hurricanes are just a distant memory.
@dreamfishing: Haven’t really changed much…
@guitargirlut: We used to celebrate in school now they don’t even acknowledge it.
What’s the wildest thing you ever did/would do for a cheap string of beads?
@StressFreeBaby: How much alcohol is in me?
@guitargirlut: Only in Vegas have we done the cheap beads, and I flashed them when I was 22.
@thienkim: When I was 19, my boyfriend now hubby, knocked my contact out of my eye when he caught a huge set of beads for me.
@miasinc: My husband lifted up his shirt at the MardiGras celebration at Univeral Studios and he got alot of beads.
@ThatsWhatTheyre: Being a mama now, I’d at least try to keep “some” of my integrity. That being said, it depends on how much I’ve had to drink.

What’s your favorite part of Mardi Gras?
@miasinc: The colorful costumes and all the joy expressed by the people of NOLA.
@Mom2Winnie: Food is good!
@MOM4EVEREVER: The parade- the costumes.
@ThatsWhatTheyre: Definitely the history and traditions.
@maryheston: I do love people coming together to celebrate Fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.
@Byrdy1999: I love looking at the people and how happy they are…love that.
Where would you most like to travel to celebrate Mardi Gras? Why?
@thienkim: No question, back to NOLA.
@WeightWars1: Brazil and Carnival!!
@dreamfishing: Hawaii…Just because it’s beautiful there and any excuse to go would work!
@dipaolamomma: We stay at the historic, lovely Cornstalk Hotel in #NOLA close enough and far enough from the Mardi Gras action.
@mommytravels: Venice, Italy
@ajoy1332: I am fine staying in Mobile. I’m not sure I’m brave enough for NOLA! haha
@allierose: Anywhere near a beach!

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