family_picnicIt’s that point when we’ve traded in shopping for sunscreen and beachware for back to school supplies. What are you doing with your last days of summer? We talked about end of summer rituals and favorite last minute travel destinations at our August 15 TMOM Monday Twitter Party. Our moms shared their travel plans for the remaining summer and even debated if it’s alright for kids to miss the first day of school.


What are your last minute travel plans?



@judy511: Taking my older two to college.


@ramblingstump: Husband is coming on a business trip with me to Western NY. Maybe one last run to White Mountains with the kids.


@savorthethyme: Block island, miscellaneous spots around CT & RI. Just got back from Hershey, PA.


What is your last travel day of summer?


@kymri: Thursday…and guess what- I’ll be traveling but without family 🙁


@LolaDiMarco: I chase summer all year long!


@ramblingstump: We travel pretty much all year. I’ve also gone part time at work which allows me to be home and explore my local area.


How do you feel about summer ending?


@teardrop4emr:  Happy because I really need some peace and quiet!


@mommytravels: I wish summer was longer. I hate having to work around the kids school schedule.


@DebMomof3: Kind of sad this year- youngest starting kingergarten so all 3 girls will be gone in the afternoons. Will be strange!


Half the moms were looking forward to fall clothes and a steady schedule, but the other half were dreading the end of warm weather and the fun of summer.

What’s your favorite last minute destination? Why?


@judy511: Any beach – so relaxing!


@girlsgetaway: Florida, we have family there, so it’s cheap and easy.


@arrowssentforth: We love to go camping at the last minute. You have a better sense of weather forecast and can pick your destination accordingly.


@teardrop4emr: We love going to @fwkidszoo! It’s not too far and is a GREAT zoo!


Do you have any ‘last days of summer’ traditions or rituals? What are they?


 @ionMyAdventures: I love getting my fall clothes out!


@MiaMaloneDesign: S’mores for bedtime snack before first day of school! As last hurrah of summer!


@teardrop4emr: We adjust bedtime 2 weeks before school starts.


@thegeekwife:The only “end of Summer” tradition I have: rotating the wardrobe in closets.


@thisenvy: end of summer rituals are always- making people go out, listening to a lot of music and as much beach time as possible.


Is it OK to miss the first day of school to travel? Why or why not?


@CareVacations: I’m a huge advocate of education, but what good is it if a kid doesn’t have the personal experience with which to apply the education?


@DuongSheahan: Yes, cause they’re not missing much.

@LuxuryTravelMom: We never miss the first day but we often miss the last.

@CindyRichards: Wouldn’t miss 1st day of school. But just about any other for travel.


On the other hand, some moms felt strongly that kids miss out on getting adjusted and a lot of the social aspect that goes on the first day.


@judy511: No – my kids flip out.


@drupmcp: No – From my experiences, missing first day might make child feel a little bit of an outsider.