family_picnicLabor Day weekend marks the end of summer and start of school and fall weather. How will you celebrate Labor Day? We talked about our favorite 3-day getaways, travel in the school year and our BBQ specialities at the August 29 Monday Night Twitter Party.


How will you celebrate Labor Day?



@LorraineTravels: My parents’ lake house – swimming, paddleboating, hayrides & trick or treating around the lake.


@DebMomOf3: We’re driving 2 hours to visit friends Fri-Sun then spending Monday at home getting school stuff ready. Kids start on 9/6!


@kimorlando: Might spend it picking out carpet for the basement (we got 5″ of water)


What’s your BBQ specialty?


@JazzyTJan: Can I say hot dogs and hamburgers? LOL.


@blondemomblog: My hubby makes awesome BBQ ribs and I have a killer baked beans recipe


@LorraineTravels: I leave the barbecuing to my husband, who makes the best steaks I ever had!



Where’s your favorite 3-Day weekend destintion? Why?


@blondemomblog: We really love Chattanooga. Just a 2-hour drive for us and there’s so much to do. Downtown very pedestrian friendly.


@xstitchschool: Camping at the lake is one thing we like to do…not usually over labor day though…too crowded


@kimorlando: Hoping it will be NH – going rafting on Sat 9/3


How do you squeeze in travel around school schedule?


@MomMostTraveled: As a teacher…school is only in session 180 days a year so holidays are a-plenty!


@DebMomOf3: Don’t travel much – usually one or two-night trips over weekends. And not all in fall/spring – too much going on w/ soccer


@blondemomblog: It’s tough with dual soccer players. We usually try to go somewhere fall break in October, though


Should Labor Day end summer?


@DebMomOf3: Yes, especially w/ school starting the day after. Plus not as hot/sticky out usually. Kids swam today but got cold quickly. Sigh


@maryheston YES school should start after labor day – better yet the week after labor day


@TeresaShaw: Labor Day always marks the end of summer to me – the weather’s cooler, leaves are changing, school starting

Do you still wear white after labor day?


@ionMyAdventures: That rule is supposed to be “out” now, but somehow it still kinda feels wrong


@TeresaShaw: Of course!


@inkscrblr: No. No white after labour day.