babyfaceWhether it’s seeing the ocean for the first time, meeting Mickey or simply showing off their dance moves, taking photos and videos have allowed us to capture unforgettable travel moments with our kids.

We chatted about taking photos and what we expect from kid travel products at our November 7 TMOM Monday Twitter Party. Our tweeters also shared tips on getting restless kids to take photos, shared their cutest vacation pictures of the kids and we even dredged up the senstive subject of the most expensive thing their children broke while on vacation.


Share the cutest picture of your kid on vacay. Where was it?



@:  Here is my son soaking up the sun in Ocean City MD


@: Sanibel, FL this past summer


@: Assateague Maryland at the beach. Beautiful day flying kites:


@: My son at the beach the year after he would not touch the sand!


@: There are way too many. I do love this one from this summer at Mackinac:


Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!


How do you take a photo of a kid who won’t sit still?


@: Have Dad do crazy and whacky stunts in the background!!


@: Just take it in motion! Nothing better (sometimes) than an action shot.


@: I take LOTS of pics. One is sure to turn out great and the rest are just bribery for later :).


@: I lower my shutter speed and go with the flow.


FisherPriceCamera2@: Lollipops or animals work as great props… full attention on something else!


Ever hand your digital camera or video camera over to your kid? What did they take pictures of?


@: All the time! One of my 9- twins is our personal photographer when we are on vaca & I must say, he takes excellent pics


@:  My son takes pics of us – or we would not have pics as a couple, LOL


@: My son’s DSIXL did front and self-portrait shots. He loves taking photos and then making borders on them.


@: Kids pics would be great for blog entries!


@: My daughter has my old digital cam AND the new flip I won. She’s a photographer on the yearbook


@: Inside cabinets, the toilet, the cats, the tv, his toys, horrible shots of me…

@: Yes, my daughter loves taking pics of the cats and her dolls.


What are your expectations for a kid travel product? How long should it last?


@: Should be easy-to-use and kid-proof – durable, sturdy, and made to last at least until kids outgrow it.


@: I would hope at least 10 trips and be sturdy.


@: It also depends on the price of the product …on an average at least a year with all those rough handling.


@: I think it should last at least a year


@: I wish they would last longer – I like it when the kid out grows the product, not vice versa.


@: It’s always good when kid’s travel; products last thru an entire trip, eh?


What is your favorite family travel experience you caught on video?


@: My boys riding horses in Arizona for the first time.


@: Most definitely – and accidentally – first time my daughter swam all by herself – cheap disposable underwater camera.


@: Meeting Mickey for the first time.


@: Mine is the one where we drove past our old beach house w/out telling the boys about the new one. BB freaked. LOL


@: MY daughter loves to dance everywhere we go – definitely have some great dance videos


@: Their faces as Venice came into view


@: Swimming with the dolphins


@: Probably L’s first trip to the beach at 18 mos. The look on his face when he saw the ocean 4 1st time=wow!


Those are all awesome memories to have on film forever!


What was the most expensive thing your kid broke on vacation?


@: My laptop! Dropped it and shattered the screen.


@: My digital camera. He dropped it in Lake George!


Breaking expensive equipment is always disappointing and stressful, but kids breaking things on themselves takes this question to a new level…


@: My son broke his femur on a trip…that was fairly expensive, emotionally and financially 🙁


@: Her eye socket – soccer tourney.