christmas-ornaments1If you think your aunt’s over-the-top holiday sweater is a bit too much, how about a complete tinkerbell costume at a Christmas party? Whether it’s crazy outfits, interesting requests for Santa or questionable gifts, the holidays are filled with funny moments that we’ll remember forever. Besides the funny moments, we also shared the travel gadget we want most and our ideal holiday trip at our December 19 Monday Night Twitter Party.


What is the funniest thing your kids asked Santa for?



@DebMomOf3: Anything we told them they don’t need or aren’t getting. Oldest says, “I’ll ask Santa for it then!”… Yes, 10-year-old still believes!


@allierose: My son told the salesman we’re “looking at tablets” so that Santa can bring wifi and angry birds.


@MOM4EVEREVER: To get the judge to give mama freedom faster lol…santa found out freedom meant a divorce not jail.

@allierose: All the boy toys in the Target Holiday ad circular. Complete with circles and why he really “needs” that toy!


Where would you most like to spend the winter holidays?


@BusyTennMom: I love spending Christmas at home. But would love to go see some snow between Christmas and New Years Day.


@nikki2kids: Hawaii sounds amazing!


@DebMomOf3: With family. Doesn’t feel like the holidays otherwise. Used to go to my uncle’s – miss that, would love to do that again.


@allierose: We’re staying close to #dc. Exactly where we want to be.


@familyonbikes: I’m so looking forward to Christmas in Idaho!


What’s the funniest thing you ever got for Christmas?


@BusyTennMom: I got a ball and chain ornament for our tree the first year we were married.


@nikki2kids: One year my MIL got me a 12 pack of beer for Christmas. She’s so thoughtful 😉


@DebMomOf3: Star of David necklace- we celebrated both since my dad is Jewish. Not sure why mom put in my stocking instead of as Hanukkah gift!


What’s your idea of a perfect holiday trip?


@allierose: Seeing good friends and playing board games with family!


@familyonbikes: After so many years away, I want to be with family.


@MOM4EVEREVER: No fighting, no yelling, no one sick, no delays and no lost luggage.


@tammera111: A free one! LOL 🙂


@beeacutie2: One where there is no puking!


What travel gadget gift do you want the most?


@MOM4EVEREVER: I would love a waterproof camera.


@allierose: Multi charging device for my phone and son’s DSI.


@roadtriplover: Just got them from doing reviews on TMOM, luggage, travel adaptors, power monkey, and world time zone alarm clock.


@DebMomOf3: Not exactly a travel gadget specifically, but I’m drooling over the iPad2. Not going to happen, but nice to dream!


Worst holiday outfit you have ever seen or worn?


@CindyRichards: I think it was the weird date a distant cousin brought to Christmas. She wore a Tinkerbell costume. Complete with fairy wand.


@: I hate when grown women dress to match their daughters at holidays. That makes me moderately nauseated.


@: Some crazy stuff on some of the morning shows!


@: I can’t think of anything from our family, but I think the worst are themed and matching outfits


@: We all had elf like sweaters with skirts and boys had pants in green in the 70s ugly- no fugly.