BeachWhat are the main ingredients for a fun vacation? Family, kids and the beach, according to the tweets during our raucous April 18 Twitter party, sponsored by Funjet Vacations.

We had 215 contributors on the record-setting party, which reached nearly 600,000 people and generated 10.5 million impressions while we talked about what makes a vacation fun and gave away a trip for four to the Azul Beach Resort in Mexico.


What’s your idea of a fun vacay?

@bcherry82: We almost always travel as a family. I like our vacays to offer something for all of us.

@tiffany053p: Some swimming in some blue water!

@mellanhead: Somewhere with a beach and shopping.

@maryheston: Lots of activities for kids makes a fun vacation, don’t you think?

@PattiMinglin: Anyplace where we can get out of the day to day routine–a chance for us all to unwind, relax.

@FunjetVacations: Anywhere all-inclusive will work!

How do you make a family vacay fun for all ages?

@deidretx: Make a family vacation fun for all ages by making sure the hotel you stay at has plenty of activities.

@victoria9999: We always bring cards or board games, so we can play at night together as a family.

@DreamFog: We try to make sure SOMETHING is fun for each one. It’s not always easy.

@cloud10277: We try to plan things everyone will enjoy. Like the aquarium or the zoo.

@ohMariana: I make sure there are age-appropriate activities available for everyone. Love kids’ camps!

Who’s the most fun person on your family vacays? Why?

@jdnorthwest: The kids. Who knew a pool was the best part of travel?

@VectoringMomma: My kids are definitely the most fun! I love seeing through their eyes, everything is new them!

@lovemykeiki: Probably my youngest…she is so excited to see new things and has an excited new perspective on everything.

@SameOldStars: The most fun person on family vacation is…ME!! I love to make everyone laugh and have a good time.

@Teronya: Answer: MY DAD! He takes a full-size shovel and pickle bucket to the beach!

What are the top two things that are most important on your vacay?

@mmc67: Fun and excitement

@Leighbra: Safety and value

@diamondslady812: Dramamine and sun-block are mine

@dianarowe: Budget and destination

@TeresaShaw: 1-Making sure there’s something fun for everyone to do 2-Good food (and maybe wine)

What’s was the most fun you ever had on vacay? Why?

@KellyDeanOttawa: Getting caught in a storm in a tent and having it fall down on us! Talk about bonding!

@judy511: Xel-ha, Riviera Maya. Great stuff to see and do.

@Nankani: Most fun was when almost my whole family with the kids and parents went camping at the beach. Why? Cuz we were all together.

@themorrisbunch: The most fun I have had on vacation was a girl’s trip to Reno, NV!

@JoeyfromSC: Dixie Caverns with my aunt, brothers and myself…SO fun! We did an Indian reservation the same week too!

Where would you go on your dream vacation?

@simplyandreah: On a Caribbean cruise.

@1Dad1Kid: Around the world!

@Momofthreeunder: Corsica or Seychelles. I am obsessed with both. And both will be kid-free!

@ChaoticKarma23: Disney World

@sdiego1717: My dream vacation would be a year long trip around the world.

@Chaotic_barb: Apparently that would be Destin, FL.