VeggiesTrying a new destination’s cuisine is often the best way to get a genuine experience of whatever place it may be. But how do you experience exotic food and unfamiliar food with your kids? We discussed all about food while traveling at the July 18 Monday Night Twitter Party. Our moms not only shared money saving tips for eating while traveling and tips for dealing with picky eaters, but we also shared some weird foods we’ve devoured while vacationing.


How do you save money on food when traveling?



@ MonicaAnnSmith::Stay at a hotel where kids eat free like @HolidayInn & w/an in-room fridge to store snacks.


@mellanhead: Bring our own, use coupons or to get deals.


@HuppieMama: Preparing your own breakfasts is a good way to save!! No reason to spend a fortune eating out in the a.m.


@TeresaShaw: Find a local farmers’ market – great for both fresh food & kids activities.


What’s the weirdest food you fed your kids in a hotel room?


@HuppieMama: One time I caught my own blue crabs and made a delicious crab soup in my hotel room! Weird?


@LorraineTravels: Nachos – reheated over boiling water in a hot pot – the only heat source in the room.


@MiaMaloneDesign: Pancakes. Microwave style. Ack. Frozen pancakes = no buneo!


How do you get your kids to try new foods when you travel?


@Unkatchable73: With a lot of come on it’s good yummmm….


@MiaMaloneDesign: We also have a rule: you must take a no thank you bite and chew 3 chews before spitting into a napkin if you can’t bear to eat it!


@justineickes: All-you-can-eat buffets are good for getting kids to try new foods. My kids are more likely to experiment when they choose food.


What do you wish was on kids’ menus besides chicken fingers?


@kymri: Daughter usually prefers something off the standard menu, but smaller portion. Surprising how it baffles some waiters!


@DebMomOf3: More pasta, non-fried chicken, fruits/veggies. My 5-year-old loves fruit as a side, but not always an option.


@DanielleLeitch: Mini portions of steak, grilled chix, salmon – with sides of grapes and apples. We haven’t mastered veggies yet.


@travelwbella: I wish there was more ethnic food — my daughter likes korean chap che or mexican tacos or Lebanese lahmagine.


How do you cope with a picky eater?


@HuppieMama: Try to encourage to at least take 1 BITE of something new!


@kymri: If menus were considerate of various needs (veg, gluten-free, etc) then there would be little need for pickiness!


@Unkatchable73 You mean how do I cope with myself being that eater.. I try stuff lol

@judy511: Leave hubby home 🙂



What’s the weirdest thing you ate while traveling?


@travelwbella: How about chili cheese in #Bhutan? Seriously eeew. Considered a delicacy there


@LorraineTravels: Alligator sausage at Taste of Chicago.


@HuppieMama: I’ll try anything new! Most exotic was Indonesian food in Amsterdam when I was a teenager! YUM!!


@MonicaAnnSmith: Rabbit three ways.