familytravelTraveling with your family may now have more amenities and electronics when you traveled as a kid, but it’s still giving your children lasting memories they’ll always cherish. We chatted all about family travel at our Monday night TravelingMom Twitter Party on January 30.

Our tweeters shared their favorite family-friendly travel innovation including bunk beds and neon sun block dispensers as well as their biggest family travel mistakes. A hotel with a pool ranked high on everyone’s must for traveling with kids, and we had a variety of answers for how we split up the travel responsibilities.



How is traveling with your kids different then when you traveled with your family as a child?

@LorraineTravels: We fly much more often.


@tomboybc: We all crammed in the back seat and even hung our feet and head outside the window. My dad smoked in the car!!


@MOM4EVEREVER: No seat belts, not alot of places to stop. I remember the diners.


@doughmesstic: Traveling now is much more sophisticated! We used to ride in the back of a station wagon (or floorboards!) and NO DVDs!


@GeekDad248: Do they even make station wagons anymore?


@f@amilytravel4um: More by air and varied cultures.


What hotel amenity is a must-have for your family?


@rkosully: Coffee maker in the room!


@kimorlando: Free wifi.


@doughmesstic: We travel all over, but no real MUST HAVE for a hotel. Breakfast & a fridge are nice, but we’re easy.


@GeekDad248: No smoking rooms.


@MOM4EVEREVER: Free breakfast..because most let you sneak in and get milk through the day.


@candacki: Swimming pool!


How does video online influence your travel decisions?


@guitargirlut: It helps me see where I would like to go and helps me make the decision.


@kimorlando: My travel $$ are important; seeing 1st = good.


@StressFreeBaby: I am a video freak…show me the video is my mantra (so much better than pics that can be photo shopped.


@blondefabulous: The kids get excited seeing footage of theme parks!


@familytravel4um: Not much, prefer the psychic anticipation to a TV image.


What’s the most innovative kid-friendly thing you have seen when traveling?


@kimorlando: Bunk beds at #Omni San Fran.


@guitargirlut: Hyatts kid club or in Vegas the Redrock resort has an awesome place you drop the kids off at.


@familytravel4um: Neon sunblock pump dispensers by the pool.


@kjmaje: I like when places have scavenger hunts to keep the kids interested and busy.


@PaulEisenberg: MOST INNOVATIVE: Hands down: Sit n’ Stroll collapsible car seat stroller. And other parents think it’s the coolest


@BigBinderBlog: Where we stayed for Christmas they had a kid registration desk (write down what they wanted to do and see).


How do you divide up family travel responsibilities- planning, etc?


@blondefabulous: Kids pack themselves and choose their own snacks, hubs takes care of vehicle and reservations and I do meds and equipment.


@familytravel4um: Mom plans, dad pays, kid gets veto.


@LorraineTravels: The kids choose their clothes and help choose sightseeing spots.


@LLLSummer: We share everything, no reason for one person to do it all.


@cozmicfunlines: Mom plans everything and dad drives everywhere 🙂


@GeekDad248: We would be a mess if my wife wasn’t in charge.


What’s the most family travel decision you ever made?


@judy511: Taking sick kid on ‘short’ flight- doctor suggested it.


@DebMomOf3: Not finding a way to afford to travel more while kids are small. Need to start planning more trips now!


@kimorlando: To houseswap and did not check out enough.


@blondefabulous: Putting out money for other family members (In-Laws, cousins, etc…) We always lose out when they flake out. Sad but true.


@familytravel4um: Go snow tubing with stomach flu; spiral vomit aarggh.


@ChaCha572: We have not yet encountered that bad decision yet… hopefully we never will.


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