bikingIt’s hard to believe that summer is almost half over already. If you haven’t taken your summer trip, it’s time to book. Would you consider a family resort for your vacation? We discussed family resorts at our July 25th Monday Night Twitter Party. How do you make sure parents have fun while still making the most out of family time? What activities and themes would you like to see at resorts?


What kind of activities do you want to find at family resorts?



@sunrae17: snorkeling


@marlibu: fun crafts, swimming, music, dance time for kids 🙂 family fun excursions 🙂


@leCreoleMoon: Warm cookies and milk every eve.



@VILLAROMARESORT offers themed weekends. What would appeal to you?


@HuppieMama: How about a GET MESSY theme – with crafts, cooking, outdoor activities, etc. !


HuppieMama also suggested a photography theme where kids learn to take pictures of everything or a spa theme as well. Great ideas!


@Hip2Housewife: How about “ditch the kids for a romantic weekend” theme!?



How do you get the most out of your stay at a family resort?


 @SavingStacks: by taking advantage of all activities & creating an itinerary so everyones needs are met.


@travelingmom: Poll the fam on what they want to do & plan



What do you love about upstate New York?


@SarahPeppel I went to camp in Upstate New York once. Camp Sankanac. Loved it. Gorgeous


@DebMomof3: Don’t think have ever been to upstate NY, other than on freeway driving thru long time ago. Would love to visit someday!


What kinds of kids meals do you want to see at family resorts?


@kymri: vegetarian options for both adults and kids-beyond mac n cheese, pizza, spaghetti – something with actual vegetables.


@DagmarBleasdale: healthy, whole grain, no food dyes, no hydrogenated oils, organic if possible.


@familiesgo: smaller portions of grown-up food


How can parents ensure that they have fun at family resorts too?


@TravelLustBlog: bring the extended family–built in babysitters AND quality time together.


@anneatcsuite: Um, I’m part of the family! I EXPECT to have fun on a family vacation.


@ Kitchentable4: feeling safe comfortable and trusting

@CindyRichards: Choose a place you want to visit too. Don’t build everything around the kids