teen-textingElectronics can make your vacation awesome by finding great restaurants, good deals, and ensure you’re never lost. But electronics can also be distracting with constant texting, Facebook updates, and work. How far would you go to make your kids not text? Money? New boots?

We chatted all about using electronics on vacation at out January 23 #TMOM Monday Twitter Party. We debated if we’d survive a disconnected resort and if kids and parents should have the same electronic rules. Our tweeters also shared their policy on electronics, admitted they would bribe their kids to stop texting, and gave their best activities to make the kids forget all about their phones and computers.



Should electronic rules for parents be different than for kids? Why?


@: Yes, because parents sometimes need to use the electronics as in a necessity.


@: Different! We make the rules!


@: Yes because I said so.


@: I think if mom or dad have to work or be connected to work it’s okay. But, not just for Facebook updates.


@: No, I’m assuming we are talking about limits. If you can’t limit yourself why should you expect the same for them?


@: No. My son wants my attention too!


@: Parents set the tone – if u don’t want kids plugged into devices the whole vacay, then don’t do it yourself.


What’s your vacay electronics policy?

@: I’d keep mine put away so I can enjoy a vacation AWAY from the electronics!

@: Same as at home – not at the table.


@: Honestly don’t have one – I’m the only one using electronics and my family is used to that!


@: We unplug. Cameras only.


@: Use them for Car Rides. Leave in the car upon arrival.


@: I don’t have a policy but when I pick up the electronics I remind myself that I won’t get this time back… it’s time for family.

Would you visit a resort that is not connected? Why? Why not?


@: I would visit one. It would be hard, but I think it would be some good family time!


@: Yes and I’d relish every moment of it.


@: Did last summer it was GOOD! But I still had my laptop to type and do photos.


@t: Wifi in room is a deal breaker …simple must have…


@: No – hubby and I freelance…need to be in touch.


@: That would be hard for me – I need to be connected 🙂


@: No. My anxiety about being cut off or unable to search would keep me from enjoying the trip. I’d have panic attacks!


What reward/bribe would you get your kid to stop texting during a texting-teenvacay?


@: A nice new pair of shoes will do it for my daughter.


@: I don’t have to worry about my son texting, it is the laptop. I have bribed with money or souvenir.


@: Tried $$ already. Twice.


@: I like to bribe with you’ll-get-to-choose the restaurant options.


@: Some sort of daredevil adventure like para sailing will get my kids every time.


Where/how dar would you go to ensure your kids wouldn’t have access to electronics?


@: I would hide all the electronics in the hotel safe!


@: Lock them in the car.


@: An island? Top of a mountain with no reception? Siberia?


@: Out of the country!


@: Church, theater – THEIR rule, not mine.


@: I’d place in an “off-limits” cupboard.


What family activities can replace electronics?


@: Think H2O – snorkel, Snuba, Scuba, kayak, sail.


@: We bring travel board games with us for downtime!


@: Hiking and bicycling are fun outdoor activities – great for exploration with the kids.




@: Something active and hands-on. Laying on a beach would only fuel the electronics temptation for kids (and some of you LOL)


@: Anything outdoors, sightseeing, rides, relaxation, swimming, shopping, eating.


@: Games like UNO, Yahtzee, Monopoly.


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